Zaim Sanni


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I love learning, and I love teaching. I see myself as a hardworking, dedicated person while being kind and focused. I am entering my final year of University, studying mechanical Engineering, as I have a strong background in maths and sciences. I have invaluable teamwork skills as a leader of my project team at university and of my basketball team too, I know how to engage people and help them learn. GCSE's Maths-A English lit–B English Lang-B Science–A Add. Science-A A level Maths-B

Professional background

variety of jobs from retail to sales, focused mainly tutoring.

How I work

Once I start something, I am determined to finish it, whether that be teaching a concept to a student, and making sure it is understood or enabling a child so that they are confident in their abilities. Children thrive from encouragement and it gives them the confidence they need in not just their subject, but in anything they do. my experience: Representing Best Learning Tuition support as their Maths and English Tutor. Waiter at Namaste Lounge, Northwood Hills. Professional fundraiser for BHF.