Anisha Heer

Life Coach

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A Psychology graduate providing a service to improve individuals mental health and well being, and encouraging individuals personal growth. I have acquired mental health experience, in the UK and abroad. I have supported individuals with diagnosed mental health conditions (bipolar, schizophrenia etc), emotional wellbeing, relationships,conflict management, stress, positive thinking etc. I am also on other platforms and have regular clients who are benefiting from my services.

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How I work

Sessions are kept very casual and chilled in order for you to feel most comfortable. A summary is sent at the end, including tips/techniques that we would have discussed for you to try and implement. Sessions are tailored to the preference of each individual, as I understand the methods and approach vary from person to person. I am very flexible and can work around the times that are convenient for you. I am more than happy to offer a 30 minute FREE consultation.