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Hello. I'm a specialist online A Level Chemistry Tutor helping students improve their confidence, understanding and grades in A Level Chemistry. I'm a former Atomic Energy Authority and ICI research manager. Published scientist with a masters degree in Radiochemistry.

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MSc Chemistry BSc Chemistry PGCE Chemistry

How I work

Did you do well at GCSE Chemistry but struggling to get your required grades in tests and mocks at A Level? Not fully understanding one of your teachers? Not sure you'll achieve your required grade for University? Whatever the reason I'm sure I can help. I'm a specialist online A Level Chemistry Tutor and for over 6 years have helped students with their required grades for medicine, veterinary studies and degrees at University. Please contact me if you would like to book tuition with me.



Why I became an online A Level Chemistry Tutor

After tutoring face to face for several years I decided to try online tuition...

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