Lauriyana Leslie

Life Coach

45 $ / session
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I have been a relationship coach/meditation guide for over 10 years and been using my abilities to create meditations that empower my clients to achieve and accomplish their goals with insight and clarity. ​ Helping people overcome relationship set backs and personal obstacles, relieve stress and anxiety through the ancient art of meditation has been my main goal since I began my practice. ​

Professional background

Relationship coach/Meditation Guide

How I work

I work personally with my clients to fine tune a course of action to achieve their goals. motivating and empowering them for success in one of the most important connections they will ever have, their relationship. I emphasize on self-care because I feel we all need to be at our best when it comes to our relationships and rise higher, to expect more, we have to choose to give more.


  • Relationship Elevate + Clarity75 $
  • Relationship Essentials + Insight45 $
  • Relationship Assessment + Evaluation65 $


Article cover
How To Locate Your Soulmate.

I often find new clients confused as to what a soulmate is and the role they play in our lives. This confusion can lead to heartache and disappointment in relationships, so I decided to bring some clarification to the matter of soulmates.

Lauriyana Leslie  | 23 April, 2020