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Expert early childhood specialist with a strong focus on child development, child psychology, positive parenting, training teachers as early childhood educators. Have 3 decades of experience in coaching parents to lead their children towards their best, build a positive collaborative relationship with children. Successfully trained teachers of preschool to develop into passionate, successful teachers who have become change agents. Have been a life coach for many who emerged successful in life.

Professional background

Ph.D. Early Childhood Education

How I work

Faculty for undergraduate students for 14 years. Teacher Trainer and early childhood educator for 16 years Life Coach for 30 years Early childhood expert for 14 years Curriculum designer for early years for 14 years Director for a research preschool for 14 years Parent Coach for 14 years Researcher for 14 years Interests -Emotional development in young children (2-8 years), Family well-being, Multiple intelligence development in young children, creative,critical thinking in children



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A mother's emotions and needs have to be catered to! Calling out all mothers to share how they feel! What they need!

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