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I’m a hard working senior in high school. I’m a 4.0 student and have attended rigorous private schools my whole life. I am committed to Chapman University with a sizable scholarship. I know how school works these days and am currently going through online covid-19 schooling. I love writing and received a 4 on the AP Language test. I’m well rounded in all the subjects. LET ME HELP YOU!

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High school, advanced classes

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I need college money and you need a RELIABLE, SMART, AWESOME TUTOR WHO ISN’T OLD AND BORING! I love teaching and explaining. I can work with you on any homework, essays, and concepts you need help with! Being an accomplished senior, I get what you’re going through as a student. I am quick, clear, motivated, and have proven my skills during my years in the modern education system. I can seriously help you with anything you need!