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I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and love it! I hold a BA in Swedish Folk Music and am a National Folk Music award winner. My favourite styles are pop, jazz, folk, classical, flamenco, and finger picking. I also enjoy arranging all kinds of music for guitar, composing, music theory, ear training, and recording. Most things that have to do with music basically :) Equal to my passion to play music is my passion to empower others to flourish in their gifts. I have been a guitar tutor for over 10 years and have seen directly that my unique approach to music and learning inspires others to naturally open up, find their own style and relax in their practice. Aside from working as a music teacher, I work with customer support at the music notation software ScoreCloud, and manage internal platforms and research on an interpreter company called Tolkvox.

Professional background

BA in Swedish Folk Music, Founder of TheGuitarEducation, and Customer support at ScoreCloud.

How I work

I offer mentorship and lessons via a flexible online programme and support guitar players and musicians of all levels and ages. My own personal commitment to a fun and relaxed learning environment supports my students to open up and go beyond the limitations which come up for most musicians, so they can fully flourish and enjoy interacting with music.



5 Tips To Decode A Fingerpicking (or any!?) Song

A powerful and empowering way of learning a song and decoding music is transcribing. This article is about 5 important tips when transcribing a fingerpicking guitar song. Some of these tips and principles can be applied when transcribing any song as

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Microphones - Part 1

"A microphone can be likened to an ear, something that listens."

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How I composed and recorded a CD within 7 days

Today you can publish music and reach a global audience with a few simple means. This is an article how it was for me to compose, record and publish an album within one week.

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