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Yo My name is Chris. Im 26 years old and I've decided to take my own life experience of suffering with mental health issues and drug abuse from a young age and turn it all around in order to try and help people just like me who go to the internet for help and find nothing but ads and memes. I suffer from anxiety and depression and many more issues that have yet to be discovered. I know what your feeling and will work with you however long it takes to make things seem less crazy.. real talk.

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I'm going to try and help you with whatever you might be struggling with in life, I will start with 1 session to figure out what we are dealing with and give my personal opinion. Each session is 1 to 1 and every client I speak with has a different story. I will build a trusting relationship with all my clients and make sure that I am available whenever requested. I work on facts and friendships, there's no other way to mentor a life than to be part of its journey forward.


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