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After licensing as a counselor, I enjoyed working as a clinical director with the Minirth-Meier New Life Clinics West. Working with a diverse patient population in the current New Life Network, I still enjoy the wisdom, professional comradeship, fellowship and training of Drs. David Stoop, Henry Cloud and John Townsend. I welcome the opportunity to lead and supervise doctoral and master’s level interns in counseling and coaching.

Professional background

Ed.D. -Counseling Psychology, Licenced Family Therapist, Executive Coach

How I work

As an executive coach I like to work with individuals and teams by really listening and assessing what they might need to work on. With an understanding of the issues, I try to help them understand the patterns they learned in youth, young adulthood, and, even in the present, as a leader. I have seen this approach be very helpful for leaders and executives. my 40 years as a counselor help me facilitate real change and direction for my coaching clients. I find my clients enjoy the process.


  • Executive Coaching, Org. Development & Team Building


The New Life-Cloud & Townsend Books And Lessons On Leadership And Life

My ol' bosses deliver some of best books on life and leadership. Read them and they will help change your life & leadership!

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12 Ways Of Helping To Reduce Anxiety In Your Staff As A Leader

Staff or employees feeling anxious? Here some tips that can help

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Servant Leader vrs Leader With Boundaries: How Can It Be Both?

How can I really serve, influence and lead my people without having them run over me?

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The Stuck Leader

"Why am I so intimidated in this situation at work?", "Why is this anxiety weighing me down?" Read on!

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The Brilliant Disaster

Putting more certainty in hiring good leaders and managers. What I didn't know

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Grief In The Workplace: A Hidden Problem

Communication suddenly changes, people seem to be more passive, a leader seems to retreat or be upset over little things:

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Can Anxiety Be Good For Me At Work?

Bad Anxiety And Good Anxiety: It depends on what type of anxiety it is. Does it freeze or does it move you forward?

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Family- Owned Businesses: The Good, The Bad And The Better

Family mixed with business can be a challenging mix. Here are some ways to meet the challenge.

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Changes That Lead

Based on the landmark book Changes That Heal by Henry Cloud, PhD, Kit Hill, EdD reframes the ideas as a leadership primer

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A Sobering Assessment For Leaders: Your Biggest Critic/Your Biggest Champion Exercise

How good is your observing self? Does it see you clearly? Try this exercise & then take it to a good friend or exe. coach.

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