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Im a fun jokative (i made that word up) person that loves motivating and encouraging others. with my wife for over 15 years, where we have had some great experiences in marriage, parenting, finances and anything to do with a relationship. i've mentored and coached people for as long as i can remember and have seen almost every type of difficult situation My faith plays a part in my motivation in supporting people, this can put people off, but for me its like doctor pepper, whats the worst

Professional background

Qualified mentor/ counsellor and Life coach.

How I work

An motivated and enthusiastic about helping people with achieving their goals in life and their relationship. With a comedy background i often help people to see the funny and beautiful side of life, but never ignoring that, not all situations can be fixed with a smile, and sometimes we need a good cry, to help our mindset. Convinced that anyone can achieve what they set their mind to do. I totally understand that we all have reason why we can't that being said we all have valid excuses too.


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