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Psychotherapy has developed from an array of therapeutic models. Research has not found any one of these to work any better than the others. As an integrative therapist I draw on a wide range of approaches and techniques in my therapy work with clients. In my experience, the relationship that developed between us, has proven more influential on the outcome than any theoretical intervention. In my opinion, real therapy is about connection.

Professional background

Qualified Sex and Relationship therapist, Qualified Young Person Counsellor Accredited member of the National Couselin

How I work

What I do as a Therapist I have worked as a Relate couple counselor in Bedford and surrounding area including Northampton. In my counseling work with couples, I have been surprised by the amount of couples dealing with issues around sex and addiction. This led me to embark on a journey to become a psychosexual counselor and later a compulsive sexual behavior therapist. I have spent the last 5 years working for Relate British Forces Germany (BFG), where I am part of a team of about 7-9 counselo



Online Couple Counselling

In this article the question of whether online couple counseling and it's benefits and negatives to face to face is explored

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I love you but I'm not in love with you

Compassionate versus Passionate Love,

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