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I'm Hannah. I specialize in coaching and guiding individuals that are taken aback by life's many roadblocks. My goal and main mission is to strive to be a positive and moving force in my clients lives. Together, my clients and I battle their uphill struggles, while building their inner sense of self. With my help and your inner strength, you will preserve and make it through. I will get you to the life you are meant to lead, and help you become the person you are destined to be.

Professional background

Love & Relationships, Spirituality, Life Path, Family, Grief & Loss, Finance, Business & Career Coach

How I work

I have a professional background in Life Coaching & Psychology along with some specialized medical training, however I specialize in Spiritual Guidance & Alternative Methods of inner healing. I offer my services via many online platforms, including my own Spiritual Life Coaching community, MetaPsychic Network. I own and operate two successful online businesses, and am a wealth of information in the freelance & independent contractor community. I mentor a great deal in Entrepreneurship.



Which business operations should companies prioritize during the phases of reopening?

With the idea of reopening being at the forefront of every business owners mind, what should your business prioritize first

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Letting Go of Grudges: Forgiveness, Letting Go & Moving On

How to forgive, not necessarily forget and move on so that you can lead a more productive and healthier life.

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Freelancing, From The Beginning...

The many hurdles of starting out as a new freelancer online, beginning with, my favorite...The scam artists.

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