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Cindy Makita is a Career Strategist & Coach, LinkedIn Career Expert, and founder of Hired Institute. Passionate about helping people land their ideal jobs that fit their skills and passions, Cindy is a trusted advocate for her clients. Cindy uses proven strategies to help her clients land their ideal jobs as quickly and as easily as possible, without the hassle of extensive online applications, resumes into the black hole, or not hearing back from employers.

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Cindy started her career in asset & wealth management as an Analyst. She always had a passion for global impact, and most of her time outside of work was spent lending her leadership and expertise to various Non-profit UN organizations. Her coaching started as a hobby at first where she would help people she knew land amazing jobs. Her high success rate led her to realize that at the intersection of her strengths and her passion for impact lied her true passion to be a Career Coach.



  • Kimone Murray

    Cindy has not only been my career coach but a mentor as well. I became her client while finishing up graduate school and had no sense of direction as it pertains to my degree/career. Thanks to Cindy, I was able to figure out the initial steps on navigating my career path and overcoming many obstacles and I am currently working for an organization which is directly in my field. Not only did Cindy help me to look good on paper, by helping me with my resume, job applications and so on, but also she instilled in me a sense of confidence that I carry with me which has already opened many doors. Cindy always found the time to assist me, whether it be face-to-face or virtually, no matter what she was doing which proves even more her dedication to her clients. I am grateful for Cindy and all that she has done for me and know that she will continue to guide others into the direction they are supposed to be in.

  • Elena Jalil

    I had great experience working with Cindy! Thank you Cindy for your time, dedication and professionalism! You did an amazing job on updating my resume and giving a new life to my LinkedIn profile ! am sure we will work togetherfrom now on on different projects! Thank you!

  • Deborah David

    Cindy recently helped me revamp my resume and LinkedIn profile and throughout the entire process remained the ultmate professional. The past few weeks have been stressful for all of us, but Cindy remained steadfast in respecting the timeline that she laid out at the beginning. After our call where she asked me very pertinent questions about my career aspirations, she was able to encourage me to showcase my accompishments in addition to my duties and responsibilities for each position. Overall, this process was extremely helpful and I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone looking to improve their resumes and professional online profiles


Accomplishment Statements - building a winning resume!

Here's how to create accomplishment statements on your resume that will help you land your dream job.

Cindy Makita  | 8 found this helpful

LinkedIn Headline for Job Seekers (Exact Formula & Examples!)

Optimize your LinkedIn profile and get employers flooding your inbox by creating an AWESOME LinkedIn headline.

Cindy Makita  | 11 found this helpful

9 Steps to Nail Your Next Job Interview

Check out this 9 steps that will surely help you nail your next job interview.

Cindy Makita  | 9 found this helpful

12 Free Skill-Building Resources to Explore during Quarantine

Here is a list of 12 Free Websites that can help you build up your skills in this time of the pandemic.

Cindy Makita  | 10 found this helpful

Niche Job Boards (Get Away from the Masses of Job Seekers)

Here are Niche Job Boards that are more specific and focus.

Cindy Makita  | 11 found this helpful

Don't Get Too Comfortable

Always aim for that next promotion.

Cindy Makita  | 12 found this helpful

Be a Continuous Learner

Learning is an unending process.

Cindy Makita  | 11 found this helpful

When You Stop At 'No' and Don't Ask 'WHY'

"No" is a strongly negative word. Don't limit yourself by that, ask WHY instead.

Cindy Makita  | 10 found this helpful

From fitting the mold, to tailoring the mold to fit YOU

Everyone is a unique individual. Build your personality and stand-out from the mainstream.

Cindy Makita  | 11 found this helpful

4 ways to keep your drive & enthusiasm high from Monday to Friday

Tips on how to stay driven and enthusiastic all throughout the week.

Cindy Makita  | 10 found this helpful

5 Mistakes That May Be Costing You A Job Offer

Tips on how to ace that job offer.

Cindy Makita  | 9 found this helpful

How a Lack of Self-Awareness Can Hinder You from Landing a Job

Self-awareness is essential to every job-seeker.

Cindy Makita  | 8 found this helpful

How To Attract Recruiters on LinkedIn

Five easy steps that you can follow in optimizing your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters

Cindy Makita  | 10 found this helpful

How to Keep Your Career On Track During Covid-19

Tips you can use to ensure that you keep your career on track and make progress during COVID-19

Cindy Makita  | 11 found this helpful

LinkedIn Summary for Job Seekers to GET NOTICED

LinkedIn is a great way to stay on top of your career advancement and stay up to date with your professional connections.

Cindy Makita  | 9 found this helpful

5 LinkedIn Profile Tips: How to make a GREAT LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn a prime platform to to connect to new career opportunities and these are the tips to optimize your profile.

Cindy Makita  | 10 found this helpful

Back to Basics: Resume Summary vs. Objective

Which should you use in your resume?

Cindy Makita  | 10 found this helpful

The Standout Resume for College Students

Tips to ensure your resume stands out from the masses of job applicants. Get noticed and hired by a prospective employer.

Cindy Makita  | 12 found this helpful

How to Overcome Job Rejection

A straregy that will help you get up and move forward quickly after rejection hits.

Cindy Makita  | 11 found this helpful

College Grads Can't Find Jobs: Here's WHY

The real reason college graduates are not finding and landing jobs after graduation.

Cindy Makita  | 10 found this helpful

What do Employers ACTUALLY look for in a RESUME?

Tips on how to wow a prospective employer the moment they lay their eyes on your resume.

Cindy Makita  | 11 found this helpful

How to Research a Company Before an Interview

The exact topics to research on a company BEFORE your job interview

Cindy Makita  | 11 found this helpful

Transferable Job Skills

Transferable Job Skills: The Key to Landing Your Dream Job

Cindy Makita  | 12 found this helpful

Underqualified for the job: Should I still apply?

Job Seekers: Unsure of whether or not to apply for a job opening because you might be underqualified? Read this

Cindy Makita  | 12 found this helpful

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