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Hello, and God bless you! I am a Life Purpose Coach and love helping people find their purpose with God. I believe that God has truly Chosen me to bring others to him and is using me as a tool to do so and I feel truly blessed that you chose to click my profile! in Matthew 4:19 the bible says that Jesus said "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." God has chosen me as his fish hook to lead people to him to live a better life in Christ and to lead them to repentance through God grace! :)

Professional background

Certified by Transformation academy

How I work

What I like to focus on is: *Past *Present *Miracles (Some people call them coincidences) *God given gifts (something you are really good at naturally that others might find difficult) *Testimony (Stories about how God never left your side through every trouble and brought you out!) I focus on this because it biblically teaches you how God is always there no matter what! we weren't promised and easy life but we are promised that if we trust God He will get us through it! Cant wait to chat! GBY



Feeling lost

If you ever feel lost or don’t know why you were chosen to be here Earth you clicked the right profile! Don’t give up. Gby!!

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