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I am a private practice certified master life coach serving clients in and around Austin, Texas. I am certified in sex, life purpose, and goal success. I specialize in relationships and all aspects of intimacy. Through my coaching, clients can clarify their vision for their life. They’ll define what they truly want: personal fulfillment, career success, or improved relationships. My purposeful guidance helps clients translate their aspirations into actionable steps.

Professional background

Certified Sexologist with the American Board of Sexology and Certified Master Relationship and Intimacy Life Coach

How I work

I offer tailored guidance instead of one-size-fits-all programs. By adapting my coaching style to each client's unique needs, desires, and goals, I create a personalized experience. This tailored guidance ensures that clients receive relevant and effective support. My focus on self-awareness empowers clients to explore their inner thoughts, emotions, and patterns. As they gain deeper insights into themselves, they can make informed decisions and recognize areas for growth.



Are You Being a Fool for Love?

Does love make you accept what you know is unacceptable?

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Embracing Change: Crafting and Keeping New Year Resolutions

Here are some tips to help you keep your new year's resolutions.

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A Dark Personality...Would You Recognize One?

How confident are you that you'd recognize a dark personality?

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What's My Most Frequently Asked Question?

Find out what my potential clients ask most often.

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3 Tools to Help Cultivate a Positive Self Image

Be unapologetically you!

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5 Tips to Help Enjoy Your Intimate Experience

Here are a few tips...

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Five Tips for Giving your Mind a Spring Cleaning

Spring clean your mind not just your space.

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Let's Talk About Kissing

Let's get into the art of kissing.

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Exploring the Four Most Common Types of Intimacy

Let's explore intimacy

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Busting Sex's Most Common Myth

A woman's wetness is an indication of how aroused she is...or is it?

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How to Choose and Enforce Boundaries in Relationships

Boundaries are an integral element of a healthy relationship. Check out my latest article for tips on setting boundaries.

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Could You be in a Codependent Relationship?

Wondering if you are in a codependent relationship? This article can give you some things to look for in determining that.

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How Self Confidence Can Impact Intimacy

How you feel about yourself impacts the way you allow others to make you feel.

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