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With a desire to help and because I easily bond with people I want to see how you make your inner beauty blooming. My background in beauty, education, training, coaching and in Communication and International Relations helped me to meet many people interested in personal development and to achieve my goal – helping others for a better life. My success is equal with the number of people I help.

Professional background

Coach, trainer, Professional public speaker, author, entrepreneur.

How I work

Hi, I am the Founder of Our Smart Space – a community of like-minded people looking for coaching and training for both personal and professional development. My passion for emotional intelligence, healthy human interaction and holistic beauty brings me here. After years of entrepreneurship and beauty business ownership I decided to expand my knowledge and experience to generate awareness about the importance of a healthy image and to make people understand beauty at a holistic level.



  • Simone

    I wanted to have coaching sessions in order to sort out some work related issues. I was very convinced about the issues and looking to get answers about further steps. It was a huge discovery for me to understand that actually my issues where not with others, but with myself, and I really want to thank you for helping me to discover that. Someone once told me about coaching that is a journey towards ourselves and that we will discover who we really are, well now I am convinced about this and I will always be grateful for this. I can value and love myself now and this helps me connecting better with people, and to have better relations at work. Thank you for all the empowerment and fulfilment, it was great and will definitely contact you again!

  • Mary

    Alina is very professional and doing a great job as a coach! After struggling to get best solutions for my problems, I’ve decided to meet her and have coaching sessions together. I can say it worth it and much more, I am happy I took this decision.

  • Jane

    Thanks to the sessions we had together I can easily focus and reach my goal as I know now how to approach my situation.

  • Rebecca

    At one point in your life you can feel lost, tired and disappointed. The decision you take is to stop achieving your goal and you get stuck there. You live like that for years and you are unhappy, sad, nervous, frustrated, anxious and have a life with lots of negative thoughts and emotions. Whilst you fight with all those demons, somewhere you hear about life coaching and that it could be helpful. You then start doing a research and you find Alina. You decide to have a conversation, and after you hear her nice and soft voice as well as her friendly speech, you feel there is something more that makes you comfortable speaking with her. Thank you!

  • Paolo

    It was very easy for me to open and work with Alina in our sessions. I now have my answers and I am glad to feel in control of my life, of my own feelings. I wish to say you a big THANK YOU, I SHINE again!

  • Antonia

    Thank you Alina for your facilitation! I trust my inner voice now and I am happy with myself!

  • Peter

    Very calm, I can assure everyone she is the Coach we all search for!


Keep your brain healthy!

Be positive and help your brain to generate positive thoughts by assimilation of good experiences.

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How to raise your energy and manage the lockdown

Let's keep us emotionally safe! What can we do during this lockdown? This is my list, how about yours?

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Anthony Robbins: every decision in your life is controlled by your values and beliefs.

The first step in creating the life you desire is recognising the power of your beliefs.

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How to overcome anxiety over stressing period

I am here to help - coaching sessions, training and mindfulness sessions available over telephone/ Zoom/ WhatsApp

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