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Hi, My name is Enid Martinez. Through out the years I have struggled and had many challenges in my life but I always felt in my heart the need to help others and to have a non judgmental environment for them to continue Transformation and Renewal. Goals are not accomplished over night but you can set up a plan to get where you need to be. The importance of letting go of any past obstacles and align yourself to a plan that will get you mentally ready to go on.

Professional background

I'm a Life Coach who focuses on Motivation and Guidance

How I work

As a person who has been through challenges . I will place myself in your position and lay out different strategies to get you where you should be. I will set goals and together we can focus on the plan without anyone here to judge you or tell you that you can not do it . My job isn't done until you have leaped to your goal.


  • Focusing Only on Domestic Abusive Relationships and Healing Process. Month Rate
  • Only for Keeping a Strict Schedule and Alerts to help you stay focused
  • Motivation and Guidance
  • Transformation Light and Guidance sessions. FULL STEP PROGRAM
  • Soothing & Calming Motivational voice audio of your choice
  • Life Counseling and Reiki Mind Healing. Month Rate



Attachments are they beneficial to you?

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How to response to your shifting

Sometimes you may ask yourself why did I have one mentality and suddenly shift into this different mindset.

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Soul Ties (Dark Ties)

How Soul Ties affect us and how we can connect within ourselves to be Purified

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Self Love and Learning to Accept You

What is a Self Love Journey?

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Strengths after Emotional Abuse

Finding the Strength after Emotional abuse isn't easy. Emotional Abuse can be difficult after many events.

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Emotional Abuse

Finding yourself alone after Emotional Abuse and what to do next and how to trust yourself to move forward.

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Sexual Addiction

Sex is a normal thing between two people but what if Sex turns into an addiction that you need to fill a void .

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