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I have been coaching professionals in the recent 15 years. Before coaching, I led the business operations of an IT services co. I coach: ★ Business Owners-Operators who want to catalyze their growth ★ Professionals who want to ascend to their next level/job ★ Senior Executives & Leaders who want to enhance their effectiveness My coaching approach/style includes: * Neuro-emotional language * Introspecting your winning patterns * Catalyzing your goal achievement * Evaluating your obstacles

Professional background

* Coaching professionals in recent 15 years * Prior to coaching, led the business operations of an IT consulting & staff

How I work

My coaching process is based on combining the intrinsic and extrinsic elements of your journey. I will work as your trusted advisor & catalyst in this journey. I use the RISE framework for helping you to ascend to the next level. R: Ready I: Initiate S: Stimulate E: Enhance Using the above framework will enable you to achieve your goals and ascend to your next level.



  • Ed

    BJ has been my personal coaching "guru" for several years. As I was conflicted over job decisions, including whether or not to give it a go on my own, BJ was there. He probably could have given me an answer, instead, he probed, guided, and encouraged me to look at the potential choices. He may have "nudged" me slightly, but in the end, I felt like the decision was the right one - all because BJ coached me in the right direction and stuck with me poking and prodding to help me help myself. He is the complete coach because he lets you find your own course, and leads you to it gently.

  • John

    ve worked with Career Coaches on many occasions, most notably after earning my Bachelor's Degree, my Master's Degree, and my Doctoral Degree. Thus, I've learned from experience that some Career Coaches are better than others. I've also learned how to tell the difference. During the time BJ Jhaveri and I worked together, he did several things that exceeded my expectations. Of these, four are particularly noteworthy: 1. Enthusiasm: BJ was always happy, even enthusiastic, to meet with me. He never left me feeling like I was "just one more thing he had to do." 2. Attentiveness: BJ insisted that we use video conferencing for all of our meetings. One of his reasons for doing this was so that he could pay close attention to my body language and vocal tone. This enabled him to better perceive my true interests, as well as offer detailed feedback during our interview, role-play sessions. 3. Accessibility: We only met once a week, yet BJ was available to me 24/7 for questions, advice, and guidance. This additional commitment ensured that I was fully prepared for all meetings, and could continue moving forward rather than constantly stopping-and-starting to clarify things I had either missed or misunderstood. 4. Staying In-Touch: As we ended our final session together, BJ encouraged me to stay in touch, particularly if I had any other questions or concerns. This encouragement led me to feel that I had, in fact, built a relationship, rather than simply concluded a business transaction. Thank you BJ.

  • Justine

    BJ was able to help me figure out the next steps in my career. Our sessions covered everything from what my perceived skillsets are to where my interests lie. BJ's unique way of interlacing personal experience and anecdotes not only helped me figure out where I wanted to go but also how to get there. BJ helped me every with every step of the process. He was able to provide me insights on how to prepare for each stage of the interview process from application through an offer. Even after our sessions were complete, BJ was there for me and offered advice and a non-biased view on things

  • Prashant

    BJ has vast industry experience, he really provides relatable scenarios from his past experience and also suggests improvements on top of it to make it contemporary to your situation. He is easy going, flexible and open to making adjustments to your need and schedule. Talk to him like a friend with openness and you will gain most

  • Kevin

    BJ is a passionate and knowledgeable career coach who works diligently to understand the unique needs of his clients. He seeks to allow the client to guide and direct where the coaching sessions should go and spends the necessary time to make sure the techniques and lessons are fully developed such that solid insights for awareness and change can be realized. This is a value-oriented approach that can layout a manageable path for continued growth and learning.

  • Ripal

    BJ helped to prepare me for the job Interviews and the contract negotiations. While teaching me, he was able to identify several of my weaknesses related to my communication skills. His advice has helped me improve my professional as well as personal relationships. He is an active listener and can show empathy. Therefore he always gives efficient solutions. I will always be indebted to him.


Affordable innovation through ‘JUGAAD’

Jugaad is a term applied to a creative or innovative idea providing a quick, alternative way of solving or fixing a problem.

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Audio clip on 'Digital 0 or 1'

Sharing an audio clip from my upcoming book about a BUSINESS LEADER'S JOURNEY Chapter title: Digital O or 1

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Audio clip on team spirit and women empowerment

Sharing a short audio narration from one of the chapters of my book on a Business Leader's Journey.

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Here’s a framework for analyzing various initiatives/ business segments.

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Leaders need to manage their organization with thorough operational visibility and an accurate grasp of inter-dependencies

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Presenting a framework of key characteristics for a utopian leader.

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MASTER steps: 6 steps for daily living

This article lists six key important steps for daily living. It will help you in becoming the best version of yourself.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective EXECUTIVES

This article lists the seven important habits for any senior executive or leader to be effective in a professional workplace

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My journey from a stressed-out executive to a catalytic COACH

This narrative illustrates how my work-life got transformed from despair to triumph.

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Resilience enabled my inner growth

This article emphasizes the importance of resilience for growth & progress. Resilience enables inner strength & grit.

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Building your Emotional Intelligence to ensure success and happiness

This article explains the importance of building emotional intelligence and describes the different aspects of EQ.

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What is your Leadership style?

This article helps you in assessing your leadership style. It will help you in mapping your style based on purpose vs. people skills.

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