Jasmine Hall

Life Coach

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My name is Jasmine Hall, owner of Living Lovelii services. My area of expertise in business as well as interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships will help improve your life. As a child, I had heavy interests in the emotional well-being of others. I always wanted to see others at their best. My passion for spreading joy has led me to a career in life coaching.

Professional background

High School educator, life insurance agent, published author, and personal life coach

How I work

My business Lovelii Livelihood uses love as the basis of life. Love centers our lives. My coaching will help you to facilitate love energy towards all aspects of your life. I will focus on your core values, limitations, fears, and will tackle them from a higher perspective. I will actively aid you in navigating your emotional barriers and finding the source of your negative thoughts. The goal is to get to a better you. Lets get you Livin Lovelii.