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I have been helping business professionals develop their leadership, emotional intelligence, communication and interpersonal skills since 2001. I previously worked in sales and management and am passionate about helping to stop a culture of fear in the workplace by developing leaders who value and care about the people they lead. I have been delivering Licensed NLP Business training since 2005 and was a member of the team assisting Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna in London for 8 years

Professional background

Professional Growth Coach, Corporate Facilitator/Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Licensed NLP Business Trainer

How I work

I coach 1-to-1 in person and online via Zoom. I help my clients overcome limiting beliefs, achieve goals and learn how to develop and grow the people they lead. I also deliver a wide range of Leadership Development corporate training courses including the Society of NLP Business Practitioner, Business Master Practitioner and Business Coach certificated courses. I also help people break their smoking and cocaine habit.



Identifying Where Problems Live

Problems tend to live in only four places - Check out this technique to quickly fins out where a problem lives.

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Difference Between Coaching and Managing

Understanding the difference between managing and coaching is something leaders have to know to get the best from the people

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Presenting Powerfully

It's what you do inside your head as well as your external preparation that determines how well you present to an audience.

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Moving From a Problem Mindset to a Solution Mindset

A quick and simple technique to develop a solution mindset

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Creating More Time For Yourself

A quick technique to expand your perception of time

Fiona Campbell  | 9 found this helpful

Developing the Art of Idleness

The benefit of taking time out to think

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