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Dedicated Relationship Coach ,. I have over 17 years experience .Highly Educated and well trained with experience in dealing with Relationship issues,Life and work balance ,New beginings intimate decisions suchas staring a new path from a retirement. Mindfulness, Sexual orientation . I am professional versatile resourceful and focused . I am empathetic and non judgemental

Professional background

Counsellor ,life coach ,realtionship coach ,agony aunt,spiritual coach

How I work

I Life coach independently and remotely using the internet and phone ,I have been coaching clients for over 5 I am also a qualified Counsellor and Natural Psychic . My coaching program cover 7 session which includes a Free 1st consultation discovery session which is 15 minutes ,in this session I will ask my potential client a few questions on the issues they wish to discuss and the individulal also have the opportunity to ask me any question they may have .


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