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Hello, my name is J. Calvin Tibbs. I have been in the personal development field for over three decades now and I am trained to help you create a path towards finding your purpose. I have travelled to many countries and have myself, had to overcome the challenge of not knowing my pupose. With both formal and lessons from the school of hard knocks, help people increase their performance, add value to others and help men and women walk out the best version of who they are.

Professional background

Ph. D,, Certified Purpose Development Coach, Speaker, Author, Trainer

How I work

As a Purpose Development Coach and Certified Entrepreneur by the Entrepreneurial Foundation of America, I work actively with people who are as I was - frustrated by not knowing my purpose. Those days are over, and I can help you both discover and maximize your purpose. I like to do sessions over the phone or if you prefer to video chat, we can use Zoom as well. We work our way to getting to know one another initially and then dive deeper.



What High Achievers Aren’t Telling You About the Internal Habit Secret

So you declared war against the enemy called average, yet you are still right where you were when you got mad -try this.

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Time to Be Real with Yourself Pt. 1

Being completely honest with ourselves can be frightening! But with the right tools, you can grow to be real with yourself!

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Tired of Being Ignored?

Generation Z is energized by actions that speak louder than words. Though young they are not content with being ignored.

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The Culture and Purpose Development

Have you ever felt that something keeps pulling you back into the place you're trying to leave? Find out how to break out!

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Your Body of Purpose

Ever looked for something that was right under your nose? That's what will happen when you find your body of purpose.

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The Purpose of Being You

You are no mistake, in fact, you won the race against millions of potential advocates who tried to reach the egg! You did...

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You Are a Sophisticated Masterpiece

When people look at you they must see more than the obvious. But only you can permit how much brilliance is cast.

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Your Purpose is a Sophisticated Masterpiece

There is so much more to you than your body. Everyone sees that first, but once you learn how to unpack your own soul, OMG.

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How to Find Your Purpose

Purpose can be found in boring aspects of life, as well as in the highest points of personal celebration. Gleen from both.

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How to Reach Your Invisible Attributes

Let's face it, we all need help. As spiritual people, on a physical journey, divine guidance should not be a surprise.

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How to Reshape the Past You Dislike to Build the Future You Want

If Michael Jordan can transform basketball using this technique, you can change your life using the same techniques.

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