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Hello my name is Bogdan Lungu I am a Life Coach because I am passionate about helping people who, like you, don't want to use any more of their time, energy or money on things that aren't right for them. Life is too short! I belive in the everyone's potential to achieve the ideal life they dream about. I belive in the everyone's potential to achieve the ideal life they dream about. I am confident in everyone's ability to grow and succeed See my articles for more details

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My ethos is very simple: this process is all about you. If you believe deep-down that you want more and you're willing to explore what you need (and get honest with yourself!) I can support you in getting from where you are now to where you want to be: living a life you love. I work with creative, open and kind people, who are ready to move towards more fulfilling, joyful and productive lives. I enjoy partnering with a great variety of clients See my articles for more details



Stress Eating

Are you a stress eater? Is your food intake bigger when you are under pressure due to your career, money or family pressure?

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Grow, Learn, Heal

Let's focus on preventing the creation of fearful attachments, in any circumstances that seems to evoke pain,

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Your Feature is Safe

Drop your guard and relax

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What Have You Learned

Find the gift in every experience, extracting what can be learned from each relationship and situation.

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Detox, or detoxification is the process of removing unhealthy substances and energies from your life

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Notice Your Thoughts

Daily Guidance

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What Life Coaching can do for YOU!

What Life Coaching can do for YOU!

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Focus on The Best Could Happen

Daily Guidance

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