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Counselor Practitioner, Social Care Practitioner Social work Practitioner and Mental Health Practitioner 37 years in the field of helping others. Personal growth coach and inner healing coach.

Professional background

Counselor Social worker Life Coach Mental Health Practitioner Social Care Practitioner

How I work

I have a passion helping people with personal growth and being able to tailor my expertise to benefit my clients in their personal growth. I have dedicated my life to helping people, heal learn more about themselves and to further develop on their journey if they were unable. My goal for my clients is to feel so happy with themselves inwardly that they look into the mirror one day and ask themselves ..Well, where have you been? lol.



Do something your good at!

Do something your good at! In choosing your job or Career, for the love of God and all things good in this world!

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That Feeling of being stuck..

The feeling of being stuck, not having energy or time to get things done! Not procrastinating..But, stuck.

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Where You Supposed To Be?

Where Are You Supposed To Be.. Haven't you ever thought that before? Or wondered is this how my life turned out!

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How To Survive Office Bullies And Win!

Just like anything else in society alot has changed, in the work force that would not have been tolerated such as Bullying.

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Learn how Build Yourself up!

Learning how to build yourself up, and there will be no room for tearing yourself down.. Even in your mind.

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