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I am not your normal qualified, graduated life coach. I am simply someone who has almost experienced every part of life there is. I’ve been hugely successful, I’ve also been rock bottom many a time. I’ve found myself in trouble whilst I’ve had amazing friendships and relationships. I’ve been managers of supermarkets, bars and clubs and I’ve set up my own personal training business and owned gyms as well as competing in many bodybuilding competitions. I also have a dark past which I overcame.

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s. I believe that the best advice comes from the people who have experienced what you’ve gone through. I can almost guarantee I’ve been where you are. I am extremely physiologically aimed and will look into the deepest parts of why you are who you are. I am hugely open minded and believe that being in control of your mind is fundamental in self help. However this can be difficult to do and I hope to get you where you want to be whatever it may take.



From riches to rags, success to failure, liberty to incarceration and then repeat

This first article will be about myself. It’s simply a fraction of the extremities that I have encountered throughout my life. This was a point where I managed to completely change my thought pattern, however the environment I was in at the time is not on

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