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I am a native English speaker and English teacher (ESL/TEFL certified) from Virginia USA (I teach American English). I have teaching experience working with students from different languages, ages, backgrounds, cultures, etc. who live in the USA and abroad. My passion is teaching and sharing my love of the English language with my students and helping them excel in their English learning goals. I teach my students how to be life long learners of the English language and use their English skills.

Professional background

As a certified teacher I teach A1-C2 level English (beginner-advanced) and elementary-college level English. Speaking, accent reduction, grammar, writing, reading, test prep etc. are my specialty. My lessons are personalized and simple to match the learning goals of my students. I take steps to ensure the quality of each lesson. With me you will succeed! Go to:

How I work

ESL/TEFL Certified English Tutor


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You Can Learn English Now!

This article is about the challenges students face when it comes to learning English and how they can overcome them simply.

Latisha Camper   | 24 October, 2019