Werner Pitzal


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Psychotherapist • Couple Therapist and Relationship Coach • Business Coach • Body therapist • Integral Human Design Coach and Trainer • born 1959 in Vienna • married • father of three children. Regular occupation: freelance therapist with a personally owned office since 1984 • Teaching therapist and supervisor for body centered psychotherapy since 1989 More here: https://www.pitzal.at/person/

Professional background

Psychotherapist • Couples Therapist • Business Coach

How I work

To restore your sense of well-being you need three things: • Healing and letting go of the past which has been limiting your physical and mental potential • Developing and reinforcing a way of life that supports your health, your feeling of happiness, your inner peace and your joy of life • Sustainable contact with humans who facilitate items one and two. My work is based on contact of the above kind. I offer it from a highly professional level in a safe and very personal setting.