Julián Echeverri Restrepo


90 $ / session


I am a dedicated professional with more than 9 years of experience in the world of traditional and digital advertising and design. I have helped small, medium and large businesses with their branding needs. I am passionate about the digital world and I know that with a good strategy and a conscious budget you can achieve any goal.

Professional background


How I work

Graphic Designer


  • Social Media Design90 $
  • Design for Startups90 $
  • UI/UX for Dummies90 $


Article cover
User Experience Design and its Design Principles

What are UX design principles? UX stands for User Experience. This term originated a couple of years ago, even though something that seems basic and completely necessary, the tech industry has been talking about it somewhat loosely and often misunderstoo

Julián Echeverri Restrepo  | 10 September, 2019

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Social Media Marketing Tips for B2B Businesses B2B Social Media Tips

A B2B business model can be, for example, companies that provide digital content and presence to manufacturers...

Julián Echeverri Restrepo  | 23 September, 2019

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Why is UX and UI important?

First of all, you should know that UX and UI go together but each one has its meaning, they complement each other...

Julián Echeverri Restrepo  | 23 September, 2019