Vilesh Ramnath

Life Coach

100 $ / session
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For about more than 7 years, I've been doing astrological consultations; I helped people find their life path. Ever since my childhood, I had this strange habit of contemplating the mysteries of life, that what we see is not necessarily true. I'm a wisdom explorer, always seeking the truth. I like to call my practice spiritual life coaching; because everything has a spiritual meaning to it. I live beneath the mountains, where peace of mind is abundant.

Professional background

Author | Freelance Writer | Entrepreneur | Astrologer

How I work

The focus is more on the client's spiritual side as per se developing the spiritual side results in exponential bliss on the material side of life. How? Being in tune with yourself helps you identify what is it that what you really want. I help people tap into their inner wisdom, their inner counselor who is there all the time to guide them. I play the role of the guru that is I become a mirror for my client to see the real thing, the alter ego.


  • Spiritual Life Coaching150 $
  • Life Structure120 $
  • Business Advisor100 $
  • Jyotisha Full Birth Chart Analysis125 $


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