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The 'Monsters' In Your Head

Monsters Don't Live Under Our Beds, They Live in Our Heads. What kind of stories have you been telling yourself?

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It’s 1989 and I’m sitting in the corner of the vice-principal’s office with tears running down my face, convincing myself of what a failure I was. That day, I hadn’t passed my English oral test again and my teacher had sent me there.

As I sit in the corner waiting to be spoken to, I drown myself with thoughts such as “I’m not smart enough” and reinforce that  belief as all my friends move on to year 5 and I repeat year 4…..not surprising, after all, I’m not smart enough.

Fast forward, I’m 24 years old and excitedly start my business adventure with two other business partners. We set up a digital agency, later on, an import-export company exporting tons of natural unrefined shea butter from Ghana to Poland, supplying cosmetic companies with this raw material.

Within 4 years, business was looking good…..but not I.

I show signs of low self-confidence and self-esteem as I allow others to run my life…after all, I’m not smart enough.

I never really set clear boundaries as I want to be accepted by others….after all, I’m not good enough.

I live somebody else’s dream instead of living mine….after all, I wasn’t worth it.

Basically, I had let the innocent and fragile 8 year old Veronica dictate my life. Holding on to those beliefs cost me my business, my relationship and my happiness.

I had literally self-sabotaged my personal success as I watched how our business fell apart and was declared bankrupt .

It was when I found myself in a pawnshop, selling some of my precious belongings, so we could pay for our rent that month, that something broke inside of me, but simultaneously, unleashed something greater.

It was in that pawnshop that I had an inner dialogue with myself…

Is this how I wanted to show up for my children? No!

Is this how I was going to teach them that they are more than enough, they are smart enough and worth it? No!

Is this how I was going to encourage them to never give up? No!

Is this how I was going to teach them to take responsibility for their lives and live their dreams? NO WAY!

It was time to take charge of my own life, hold my own steering wheel with both hands and step into my power so that I could create the lifestyle I wanted for myself and children!

 I made myself a promise that from that day onward, I was responsible for what happened in my life. This meant…

Knowing exactly what I wanted.

No more blaming and complaining

Knowing my core values around which I was going to build my life,

Demanding respect and acknowledgment from others by FIRST respecting and acknowledging myself.

Loving myself enough to make that promise and keep it up till today  has been transformational.

I knew I had a story  to share with the world. I reprogrammed my mind, I rewired my brain and rewrote my script to serve me.

I wanted to be the Master Gardner of my mind because it is from that space of power that positive change and creation happens.

Today, I am a Personal Growth Coach, Peak Performance Strategist and known as The Power Coach for mum business owners and female leaders who feel they are losing control of lives, their families, time spent with their children.

Who feel stuck and frustrated after putting themselves last for so long,

who feel that there is so much more they could do and so much more they could be,

Who feel trapped behind strong embedded beliefs and terrible stories they have convinced themselves to be true,

But who are now ready to fully step into their power! Take charge of their lives, their relationships, and businesses and create their very own Extraordinary Mumtastic Life!

Stepping into my power and taking charge of my life is a continuous journey of constant growth and development, and the best sign of self-love and respect I could ever show myself.

What beliefs and outdated stories are we still holding onto?

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