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Feeling Free during Lockdown

During the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown can feel so restrictive. But can you feel free during this time?

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of you are dealing with the struggle of feeling restricted during the lockdown. Being told that you are not free to travel, not free to socialise with friends and family, and feeling confined to limits. 

But what if you could feel that sense of freedom even whilst confined to stay in your home and restricted externally? 

That's exactly what I am feeling right now. I actually feel freer to be me and feel that the world is my oyster right now more than ever.

I am still following the guidelines that the government has set us and only going out once a week to do grocery shopping. I have used this time to get into the Flow mindset of living. The flow mindset of just being me and doing what I need to do and love to do and allowing myself to explore options that I probably would not have explored had things been busy as they usually are.

This ability to feel free during lockdown is down to 2 things - Meditation and tapping into the flow. 

Meditation gives me the opportunity to connect within and come away from the negative energy of the outside world and tap into that powerful part of me that is positive and strong. 

Flow enables me to tap into that euphoric state of being and release stress and anxiety and the feeling of separation in the world. It enables me to tap into that feeling of oneness and being. It enables me to tap into the light within me and connect to the 7 mindsets of Flow, which I teach to my clients in Flow Coaching. I connect to that essence of being in the flow and expansion of my mind that has no limits and can reach beyond what is to what feels awesome.

That is the beauty of Flow and Meditation. I can be stuck in any situation, but when I tap into these 2 ground-breaking methods of mindset, I can be transported to a place that releases me from fear, doubt, anxiety and worry to a place of total freedom, certainty, and clarity all at the same time.

Your mind is powerful and it can transport you anywhere. It doesn't have to remain stuck in any situation you live in. It is not controlled by your external circumstances, only by what you allow it to be controlled by.

So whatever your circumstances are today, especially during this time of lockdown, know that there is a way to let go of that feeling of restriction, it comes through Flow and Meditation.

For more information on my Flow and Meditation sessions please feel free to contact me.


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