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How having a Flow Mindset can help you.

What is Flow Mindset and how can it help you live a healthier and more productive lifestyle?

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As a Flow Mindset Coach, I understand that many are unclear as to exactly what is Flow Mindset and how it can really benefit you healthwise?

You may have heard many athletes say after winning a race or match, that when they were training, the important part of their training was being 'in the zone'. What they were actually doing was connecting to that powerful Flow Mindset.

When you are in the flow, you are so focused on being fully present in the now and in what you are doing, that nothing in that time-space reality, is on your mind - no doubts, no fear, no worries. Just focus on the present.

Being 'in the flow' creates that feeling of certainty, clarity...that high that can only be experienced when you are 'in the zone'.

This level of focus can help you achieve the success that you want as well as improve and boost your immune system. When your brain is thinking about nothing else but what is, it has no room for negative emotions and toxic feelings that can cause havoc to the mind, body and spirit connection. When you are capturing the flow essence, you are deactivating parts of your brain to activate productivity and positivity, which has a huge effect on the cells of your body.

A healthy mind creates a healthy body. When the mind is consumed with negative emotions and thoughts, this sends signals to the body that all is not well and the stress hormone, cortisol increases and if this is not contained, can have damaging effects on the body, due to stress, which results from the negative thoughts and emotions that you focus on.

By deactivating the focus on these negative emotions and thoughts through flow, you are helping to reduce the stress hormone cortisol in the body and therefore strengthening the immune system back up again. Therefore, the more time you connect to the flow mindset, the more you boost your immune system and retain a healthy mind and body.

Tapping into the flow mindset boosts energy as well. Energy for life and the desire to want to live a happier more fulfilled life. This results in the desire to seek out healthier alternatives to living. To try new workout regimes, to be more dedicated to your workouts, to eat the right foods, to get creative in the kitchen and try new healthy alternatives...etc.

You gain a drive and motivation to take action and when you tap into the other mindsets connected to Flow, the world becomes your oyster!

If you want to know more about how to implement a Flow Mindset and are interested in Flow Coaching, please contact me and book a session here on WikiExpert. Check my profile for pricing details and how to book.


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