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What if you just didn't bother?

What if you stopped listening to those who motivate and encourage you to live your dreams, Would you be happier?

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So everyone keeps telling you that you must take action on your dreams and that you should ‘go for it’. But what if you didn’t?

Yes, you heard me. What if you didn’t listen to anyone’s advice and you decided, no and took no action.

What would be the outcome?

Maybe life would be more blissful and relaxed and you could just continue as you are without changing anything. No big decisions to be made, not having to get uncomfortable or risk being let down if things took a lot longer than you originally planned. Just continuing as you are and just living.

You would be snuggled up in that comfort blanket of life watching others strive for what they want, whilst you continue doing the same thing every day in your own routine without any risk whatsoever.

You wouldn’t have to rock the boat and you could continue spending your time complaining about how fulfilling that dream life is so difficult and there are so many risks involved. You will gain sympathy from those who share your pain and this makes you feel better and continues to soothe the pain of taking any action to live the life of your dreams.

Who needs to live the dream life right?

Sounds great?

For some it does. When going for your dreams and deciding to make the changes you need to make to fulfill your goals, this can often feel worse than keeping things the same.

So what is the pay-off that you are getting for letting the dream go and staying ‘safe’?

What is the internal pay-off you feel for just living the routine of life and not jumping out of your comfort zone?

As for every action you take there is always a reason to take no action. What is your reason?

Is it fear? Is it doubt? Is it the feeling that there will be too many changes that you wouldn’t be able to cope with?

Whatever it may be, there is always a reason for not living your dreams and often it is the reason that keeps you stuck because you value the reason more than what could be better around the corner.

Remember you are entitled to make the choices that you make. No one should force you to make choices that you do not feel comfortable with, but the consequence of those choices always lies with you.

You should be willing to own those consequences and it should feel right to you.

No one lives the life that you live. No one thinks about the daily thoughts that you do. Each of these is unique to you.

But sometimes others may believe in you more than you believe in yourself, therefore, their eagerness to encourage you to live your dreams often comes from a good place.

To really make that change you have to ask yourself, what if I didn’t make the change? How would that feel? Or maybe check in with yourself and find out what personal pay-off do you have that keeps you from changing things?

Life has many opportunities and dreams do come true in many people’s lives every day, but before that happens, the ‘what if’ question must always come into play.

So, before you ask yourself or another ‘What if you did it and went for it?’ Why not ask the question ‘What if you never took action and did nothing?’

You would probably find it will lead you to the answer you need a lot easier and the truth.

So are you ready to find out what you need to know???

Are you ready to find out what is really keeping you away from living the life that you dream of?

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