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"I don't have the answer, what do I do?"

We always expect to have all the answers in life, but what if you don't.? Is it a bad thing?

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Boy the number of times in my life, I have felt the panic and uncertainty from this question! Too many times!!!

Not having the answers to things you feel that you should know, can be very stressful and can often lead to you feeling like a failure and weak.

But I want you to know, that sometimes life calls for us to give up being all-knowing. Yes, that's right...that's exactly what I said and meant.

The greatest lessons in life that transform us, come from starting out...not knowing.

No one ever knows the 100% outcome of everything we do.

For example - you could achieve success at an interview and love the fact that you showed them you had the right skills for the role. But you don't know if this time next year you will still want the job as much as you did at the interview. People change, life changes and with that, uncertainty comes into play.

We deal with uncertainty every single day. But we don't focus on it, and this is where the panic is decreased.

You were never created to go into anything knowing everything...that would be boring and your soul won't expand beyond what it already is. That just results in de-motivation.

How frustrating!

Not having the answer gives you scope to learn more...more about life and more about yourself. It enables you to tap into new inspirations and as mentioned before, keeps you motivated, which enables you and your soul to expand in life.

One of the fundamental human emotions that we have to experience is a level of uncertainty and growth. If this is not experienced, we struggle.

So when you have a moment when you just don't know the answer, take a step back, breathe and say to yourself

"This is a good thing. I get to use this to my advantage and it makes me a better person in doing so...bring it on and let's see what I do with this!"

Feel better?

Use any form of uncertainty as a time to self reflect, release and grow from the process.

Life is an experience and often the experience of life comes from a place of not knowing.

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