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Your Pattern of Belief

Our thought patterns influence the actions we take. Having the same negative thoughts every day result in a stressful life.

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When you wake up every morning, what is the first thought that runs through your mind?

Is it the same thought every day, or does it often vary?

Is it a negative thought or a positive thought?

You may be surprised by your answer and it might even be a great exercise to note down your morning thoughts in a journal to see if there is a pattern of thought that is happening.

Many of us often don't realise that apart from what we physically do each morning when we wake up as our 'Morning Routine', our thoughts become routine. This leads to a pattern of behaviour each day that we just automatically follow, without even thinking about it.

Why does this affect your behaviour?

Your routine thought pattern becomes your belief pattern and when you tap into your belief (whether negative or positive), it just becomes your behaviour.

Our beliefs are thoughts that you keep thinking. The more routined your thoughts are each day, the more this belief becomes a part of who you are and you attract every day that which you believe.

It becomes a cycle. A cycle of negative or positive, which depends on you.

If from reading this you are noticing that you do have routined thought patterns every morning and they are negative or focused on negative past events, then change is of the essence (unless you enjoy living a negative life - I know this sounds crazy, but there are many who do).

But changing outside circumstances for the better can only happen when you change your 'routined internal behaviour' each day, A good place to start is in the morning.

You cannot make any change in life, if the thought patterns, (which are your belief patterns) you carry remain the same.

Change is needed internally and externally.

So if you are eager to make some positive change in your life and feel stuck in certain or all of your areas in life, keep a check of the routines that you hold and the thought patterns you carry along with the routines that you take and ask yourself the question

'Does this feeling as a result of this thought enhance my life or does it keep me stuck and staying in lack?'

If the answer is not positive than an internal change needs to begin. If you are unsure as to what that is...meditation will lead you to the answer that is within.

I am always here also to reach out to if needed.

Remember your life is in your hands. You can create an awesome life for yourself, but the change has to begin internally first.

You can do it, just take one day at a time.



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