Aug 16, 2021 in Life Coaching

What Does Happiness Mean to You?

Happiness can never come from focusing on what is not working or what went wrong in your life.

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Does happiness mean something different for everyone but beautiful one what does it mean to you?

Is your idea of happiness to keep focused on the past and reminiscing of good times with your ex and wishing you were back in the past?

Or is your idea of happiness focused on your future and changing present situations to bring more positivity and joy into your life?

I just hope your idea of happiness is on building a positive now and future and not your past, BUT you will be surprised how many prefer to stay focused on the past and believe that happiness was only felt in the past and that their future is doomed!

If this is how you feel beautiful lady, please let this go. Your best days are still to come.

How do I know this?

Because your past ended up in tears and how is that your happiest time??

You can create true happiness and fulfillment as you are a manifesting queen who does have the tools within you to transform things. The way to do this is to let go of the past and those beliefs you have created around the past. 

Happiness can never come from focusing on what is not working or what went wrong in your life.

It can only be created through clearing these subconscious blocks and letting go completely of all those negative beliefs based on past pain and hurts. Period.

So what does happiness mean to you?

Building a future that lifts your soul up and raises your energetic vibe to an all-time high so manifesting happiness becomes easier and so much fun!

Do you agree?

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