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What's up Beautiful one?

Are you feeling a little down and finding yourself thinking about your relationships and in particular your ex?

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Are you feeling a little down and finding yourself thinking about your relationships and in particular your ex?

Does this normally happen during the period when you are not too busy? Gorgeous, this is perfectly normal and although can be frustrating, it is part of the healing process.

Letting go of anyone in life always meets with a period of 'bereavement' as that person was a part of your life for a while. 

But please beautiful one, please don't lose hope and think it's all downhill. You will move past this period if you allow yourself to.

One of the key things that will help you through this is to focus on your strengths. You are a successful high-achieving career woman, who knows how to manage things in relation to your career, so this is a great strength.

You do have the power within you to move forward and transform your life. Your relationship is one part of your life, but this can be changed by tapping into the mindset that you use in your profession.

Now, this does not mean that you work, work, work (as Rihanna states), but you use the mindset that you use to solve problems in your career, to help you deal with this emotional setback in your personal life.

So how do you solve problems in your career? What has been your go-to method?

Mindset and Healing go hand in hand and when you regularly allow yourself to get into the 'solution mindset' this will help you move forward.

Looking at your current situation from a practical viewpoint is a start to moving forward and releasing the pain. It will give you the momentum to keep moving forward in spite of the loss instead of staying in the cloud of emotional loss for too long.

You can do it beautifully, it just takes a balance of mindset work and healing work.

The low moments will arise and you have to allow them to pass by as they come up. Don't stay too long in being the victim of what was and give yourself the power of moving forward.

It isn't easy but there is support out there to get you moving forward again.

Connecting with a friend, arranging a social activity, or go for a pamper treatment that lifts you up and makes you feel good. These are some of the ways you can break up the pattern of melancholy.

And don't forget...I am here to help you. Book on a free call with me and let's talk about the mindset/healing balance that I can help you achieve.

You can do this beautiful... This is just a blip in time, but you will overcome it, you just have to want to move forward and trust in yourself that the answers are within you.

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