Apr 28, 2021 in Life Coaching

Valuing Your Heart

Do you value yourself? If you do, then why don't you give yourself a break from the hurting?

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Do you value yourself?

I mean do you really value yourself?

If you do, then why don't you give yourself a break from the hurting?

Why are you constantly holding on to the pain like it is your comfort blanket?

It is not serving you, in fact, it is making you suffer more and more and that is not fair to you.

You need to give yourself more value than you are giving yourself right now. You need to decide that enough is enough and you are ready to claim back your life again.

You need to be your own best friend, your best supporter, your big sister.

You deserve to be happy because you are valuable. 

You are a diamond who needs to shine bright and not be afraid to share your worth with the world.

Your heart longs for freedom. It longs for the day when you decide to let go of what is not good for you and take back your value.

Your heart longs for you to recognise its importance and how sorrow from the past only blocks your heart from being open to real love, that is available. 

Real love is not based on romantic relationships alone, but real love for yourself. Until you can let go and claim back your heart value you will constantly struggle in this area and as I have said before, you do not deserve that.

So ask yourself today the questions above and think for a minute - If I truly loved myself, would I really keep myself in pain due to my past?

Would you?

Original article: https://swasthyaliving.com/blog/f/valuing-your-heart

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