Apr 13, 2021 in Life Coaching

Am I Aware?

Are you aware of the gifts you have in life, the blessings, the simple things that you often take for granted?

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This is a question that we don't often ask ourselves but we should on a daily basis. 

By asking yourself this question you become aware of your life as a whole and it enables you to see things that you most probably wouldn't notice before. 

Why is this?

This is due to the inquisitive questioning that you have opened yourself up to and allow soul-based answers to come into the mix.

Awareness is a deep thing and when we practice becoming fully aware of our day-to-day living, we begin to gain empowerment and clarity and therefore this enables us to make decisions that feel right for us, not only in the moment but in our journey in life.

Awareness is power and when you tap into this and ask yourself this question, you tap into the power of success and fulfillment as your mind becomes open to new possibilities that break the cycle of limitation and move you beyond what is.

You get to know you and what lifts you up. You then are in a better position to make choices that free you and lead you in the direction of your purpose.

So are you aware today? Are you aware of the relationships you have, the service that you offer, the financial goals you have achieved? 

Are you aware of the gifts you have in life, the blessings, the simple things that you often take for granted?

Are you truly aware? 

Get into the practice of asking yourself this question on a regular basis and allow your answers to just come to you. Don't try to force the answers, just let them flow and see what you discover.

You may just embark on a new journey towards bliss that you never thought possible.

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