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Don’t Give up on Your Dreams

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”

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“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I’ve been in a precarious position these past few weeks. One I never thought I’d consider being in. Sure I’ve had bad days; even bad weeks when I never thought I get through – yet I always managed to pull a trick out of the hat at the last minute. This time was different.

I had time to review my finances over the summer break (Southern Hemisphere) and was alarmed at how much money it had cost me to pursue my dream. I had a realisation that if I continue under these circumstances, I’ll be looking for a full-time job instead of pursuing my dream. Suffice it to say it was a scary period.

It was a daunting moment. I found myself researching the type of jobs I’d be qualified to work in. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my life story. I studied fashion design at University and spent some time working in the industry. I was offered a number of design positions in Italy and New York working in menswear. My father was a tailor (he passed away sixteen years ago) and I gained much of my experience and knowledge watching him work as a young child.

I eventually left the industry, given I’d lost my passion and enthusiasm to draw and work among clothes. As with life’s journey, a part of me had perhaps passed away along with my father. I had no regrets and remain thankful and blessed for my current life path. Upon reflection, I never knew the road ahead was to be this difficult and challenging.

I have a very supportive family who is continually coming to my aid both financially and emotionally. I thank them for their steadfast resolve to see me through the challenging times. If you are fortunate enough to have loved to lean on, remind them in no uncertain terms how much they mean to you.

It is said that the raising of a child is a communal responsibility. I would suggest the same is true for success. Reflect on the following questions for a moment. Who have been the most influential people in your life? How have they shaped your success? I am often reminded there is no such thing as accidents in this purposeful universe.

People come into our lives at the right time may there for a reason or a season, as the saying reminds us. Knowing which one it is may often be realised in hindsight.

Often your greatest learning and discoveries occur within a short amount of time. You may be faced with an insurmountable challenge or obstacle. At the time it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders; there is little way out to navigate ahead.

Fear not, for every time you face such obstacles, you’re invited to grow and expand; mentally, emotionally and spiritually. While this advice may not be understood at the level of awareness to assist you at the time; trust that you are continually being taken off.

Pursuing one’s dream is a journey fraught with obstacles, dead ends, stop signs, speed humps and roundabouts. You must believe that the road will be made known to you when the going gets tough. Sometimes, it may be revealed when you least expect it via a hint, a clue, or a way that you never thought possible. Remain alert; remain aware and open to receiving such information.

If this blog article finds you at a time when you’re in need of such wisdom, then take comfort that you have found your way home. Here are some words of encouragement to help you along your journey. Your task with this imparted wisdom is knowing which key to use at the right time in order to navigate your way through.

1. Don’t Despair – You Are Not Alone

You are never alone in pursuing your dreams. Contrary to how it seems at the time, it remains certain there are people you can seek out for help. The help you require may be as simple as emotional support or guidance. Personally, when I’m in despair, all I need is a sounding board; someone who can listen without judgment. Usually, I don’t need an answer or a fix. When faced with such a scenario, we are looking for support from loved ones to know that we are not alone on this journey.

Reach out to those you know and trust. If you feel that your loved ones don’t know how to support you since they feel compelled to fix things, refrain from seeking their support in the future. Instead, choose people you know who will comfort you in times of need. Find a niche of supporters, friends, colleagues, and allies who you know and trust.

2. You Are Closer Than You Realise

In a blog article titled Pursuing Your Dream, I wrote about finding that unquenchable thirst and hunger toward your goals. During your lowest times, you may need to call on that resource to pull you through.

Put simply, you may be closer to realising your goals than you think. Most people who give up are within reach of their goals. Although it may not be apparent at the time, you are closer than you realise. The moments when you feel like abandoning are signs to test your resolve. The underlying lesson being asked of you is how much do you really want your goals?

There’s a YouTube video called Inspiration: How Bad Do You Want It? by a motivational speaker with an athlete training as the cover piece of the video. The speaker draws an analogy of wanting success as much as being submerged in water; needing that last gasp of air to survive. Your lowest point toward the realisation of your goals may be in fact a test to see how much you REALLY want that goal.

Personally, I have come to embody pursuing my dream as my life’s purpose. There is nothing or no one that can stop me from fulfilling my dream. I implore you to adopt a similar mindset.

Take comfort in knowing that it was never meant to be easy. During the past few weeks, I entertained the thought of working a 9 – 5 job, coming home to cook dinner each evening after work, taking vacation twice a year, and being unfulfilled. The thought alone reignited my passion for pursuing my dreams, for I remain deeply committed to having to face a future of regret.

Your toughest times, build character and resolve. They build the strength of mind and spirit for when you reach your goal or dream; knowing that you were so close to throwing in the towel makes it even sweeter that you chose to push through. So keep at it. Remain poised. Stay vigilant. Yes, it will be hard. Yes, it will get harder, but all that pails into insignificance when you look back on your life with content knowing that you never gave up on your dreams.

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