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Why You Must Always Seek the Truth

“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” – Albert Einstein

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“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” – Albert Einstein

What does the title of this article mean to you? What does seeking the truth encapsulate as a concept? I must confess the original title for this article was actually Speak the Truth. Upon reflection, I felt it was more important to discuss seeking the truth, so the name was changed.

To me, the truth represents that which is true to YOU. In a number of recent articles and video blogs, I’ve spoken at length about unconscious programmes and beliefs which obscure the truth from revealing itself.

Your truth is the essence of who you really are – that is, once you’ve removed the mental façade and emotional hurdles gained over the years. The truth is the authentic self – the soul’s true essence. Have you ever met someone on occasions and thought the person is lacking a spiritual quality?

It’s as though they were taking up residency in someone else’s body. There may have been a vacancy to their words and actions which you’re unable to explain – yet you sensed it. I certainly can attest to being in this position.

Our ability to sense energy in others is a remarkable human gift and one many alternative healers call our sixth sense. We all have this ability that lays dormant within us until we choose to activate it.

To seek the truth means to live your life according to your highest principles and values. There might be certain beliefs, values and ideals which you hold close to you. Here’s a quick, yet simple list of the truths which I’ve gained over the years:

I respect and honour myself and invite others to do the same.

I value knowledge and wisdom.

I respect everyone I come into contact with.

I understand my purpose and my service to others.

I honour my purpose by living in accordance with my higher self.

Some of my truths were borne of out hurt, betrayal and anguish, while other truths revealed themselves during silence and introspection.

Your truth is your roadmap for life. It is your guiding force – your light and beacon to navigate your way ahead. While we all make choices, our truth is the highest choice we have. Whatever you accept as your truth becomes your destiny. Your truth influences your beliefs, which ultimately influences your actions.

Seeking your truth is paramount to revealing your prominence among others. Recently in the US, Barrack Obama recognised same-sex marriage in the eyes of the law.  That was his truth since he was compelled to declare equality among men and women alike. Whether you agree with him or not is your truth.

I sincerely believe we’re all doing the best we can given the resources we have available. There may be times we offend others via our choices and actions. If it is our truth then it shouldn’t matter, as long as we act morally and dutifully. I’m not suggesting that our truth harm or hurt others – rather the opposite. It should unite people together toward a common goal.

There have been many people in history who’ve pursued their truth by going against popular belief. Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King were two such men who firmly believed in a cause greater than themselves – truth and equality among men.

The purpose of this article is to compel you to seek your truth. What principles do you hold close to your heart? – Which you live by and honour. Do they serve you? How did you first come across them and was there ever a time you challenged them?

These are important questions to ask if you wish to discover YOUR truth. I purposely emphasised your in the last sentence to highlight the importance of discovering your blueprint for happiness and fulfilling life.

Many of today’s failed marriages exist since men and women have a nostalgic view of what the constitution of marriage embodies. Their truth is not their own; rather that of societies. Society (media, friends, family, colleagues etc) asserts that you’re unhappy until you marry and have children. Unfortunately, some women buy into this standard and often marry an incompatible partner at a young age to please parents or due to fear that they’ll remain single forever.

Regretfully, divorce is inevitable after a number of years as they both mature and realise their truth no longer serves them – it was in fact someone else’s truth.

While I’m using marriage as an example, we could be talking about career, finance or relationships. The key message is – discover your truth. It may take months, years or even decades. What’s the rush? It’s better to fall upon your own truth after all rather than live other people’s truths?

There is inner freedom in the deep realisation of your destiny. Much like Ghandi and Martin Luther King, who were prepared to die for their truth. While I don’t believe that such measures are necessary these days, discovering your truth is possibly the highest act of authenticity one can attain.

There is beauty and honour in someone who stands for something – someone who strongly believes in a purpose, a vision, or an idea that they lose sight of the smaller aspects of life. You needn’t strive to be Ghandi – yet by discovering and living your truth, you lead others to do the same by standing for something which you strongly believe in.

As Albert Einstein reminds us in the opening quote – man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be. I invite you to discover the truth of what IS rather than what should be. Reveal your authentic self by becoming attuned to the very essence of your being.

Your true being is not concerned with what you do for a living, how much money you have, how many followers or Facebook friends you have. Your true nature wants to know what you deeply believe in, what makes you cry or laugh. It is concerned with how you treat those you love when you’re down.

Seek the truth by seeking the questions which lead you toward your answers. In time, life reveals itself through you as you become the question; seeking the truth.

Original article: https://www.tonyfahkry.com/why-you-must-always-seek-the-truth/

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