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How To Make The Power of Intention Part Of Your Life

You are the creator of your life. You are the storyteller, the director and the producer of your destiny.

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Something struck me at the time which has remained etched in my mind ever since. I may have been thirteen or fourteen years old. I vowed that my life was to be of service to others in a meaningful way. I wanted to live my purpose and create my own destiny. I affirmed life was to be filled with meaning and purpose as long as I am in alignment with my highest values.

You might be wondering how a thirteen-year-old boy would know about living in alignment with his higher self, let alone understand the concept of it? I was raised in a catholic home and attended a catholic boy’s school. I served as an altar boy where I also enjoyed reading at Sunday mass. You could say I had an early start in spirituality. My parents were devout Catholics who impressed upon us a good sense of values and morals.

I believed in a greater force – an intelligence that co-created my life. I reasoned this force was responsible for creating a benevolent universe and supported me as long as I was functioning within the container of my purposeful self. Creating the intention to be of service to others served as my belief in the power of intention.

You are the creator of your life. You are the storyteller, the director and the producer of your destiny. You don’t have to know where life will lead you or how it will unfold. You simply have to believe life is serving you and will continue to do so. Your choices are influenced by your beliefs, whether they’re right or wrong. Therefore examine your current beliefs in some detail. Are they the beliefs held by others? Are they beliefs you adopted from family, friends, work colleagues, teachers, sports coaches, ministers, or collective society?

This article invites you to examine the life and create intentions that stem from your understanding of self. I urge you to examine the quality of your life. Examine the value of the ideas you hold. When did you first formulate these ideas? When did you create those beliefs?

There came a point in my life when I realised my Catholic upbringing was ingrained in a great deal of religious dogma. Upon closer examination, I realised these ideas were not of my choosing. They were ideas and concepts formed by someone else and imposed upon me.

Are your beliefs serving you? One of my favourite mantras invites you to throw out that which no longer serves you. Allow the authentic self to emerge, since the life of your dreams awaits you on the other side.

It already exists – you simply need to align with it.

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