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8 Powerful Lessons I Learned as a Young Man

“Sometimes when it seems all of the pieces are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.”—Unknown

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“Sometimes when it seems all of the pieces are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.”—Unknown

There comes a point when you reflect back on your life and wish you could impart some wisdom to your youthful self.

You might tack a trip back to your twenties and recall the illusions of grandeur of being the head of Apple, which is more challenging than you realise.

I’m not suggesting to sell out on your dreams, rather taking a realistic approach to realise them. We want to hold onto our youth for as long as possible. Regrettably, Mother Nature reminds us it is not possible.

Below are life lessons I discovered in my twenties that have served me over the course of my adult life. I trust that resonate with you and find you at a time when they are relevant.

Life Never Unfolds According to Plan

Whilst you expect things to play out in a certain way when you’re young, they seldom do. The law of detachment suggests one cast their line to the universe and wait to see what comes back. The quote “life is what happens to us while we’re busy making other plans” couldn’t be more exact.

Less is More. Simplify Life

In my twenties, I looked to material gains as the source of my happiness, believing things would make me happy. However, I discovered the company of wonderful people and being of service to others were the ultimate tools for happiness. The happiest people are those in poor countries with all they need to be content. Having more material possessions means managing more, which occupies mental energy that could be devoted to other things.

There is a Rhythm to the Universe

When you tap into the universal energy, you realise it is always working in your favour and collaborating with it becomes a source of joy and inspiration. You are the expression of Mother Nature. When you obey nature’s laws, prosperity and abundance become your natural expression. Mother Nature’s laws include timing, detachment, karma, giving and receiving and least effort.

Opportunities Abound from Terrible Moments

When you’re entrenched in turmoil, it is difficult to navigate your way out of it. Life takes on a dark and bleak period. You own your negative states and feel stuck. Then, sure as the sun rises, you make progress and transition to a new awareness. You may look back on this period and be thankful for the opportunity and personal growth. The key is to accept the suffering and move through it, knowing every path is a turning point to start afresh.

I am the Master of My Destiny

The most repeated phrases in my twenties were: “You made me feel this way” and “You made me do it.” I discovered in my thirties, “I” am responsible for how I feel, despite other people’s behaviours. I am the master of my life, my emotions and my thoughts. I will not allow others to control nor influence my mind or emotions. Wisdom teaches us we are accountable for the way we engage in the world.

What Others Think of Me is None of My Business

Why do we want people to like us when we’re young? It is those we seldom like that we most want to impress. We find out the hard way they are not worth pleasing after all and so our lesson is cemented. You must think highly of yourself, and own each aspect of your character. Forget what others think of you. People reflect a mirror on your relationship with yourself. They look to see how you treat yourself and you become their barometer.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In your twenties, you trust what people tell you. If someone tells you they love you, presumably, they love you. Through trial and error, you discover what people say and mean is entirely separate. We become cynical because we orientate ourselves to other people’s actions as a reflection of their character. Perhaps being rejected teaches us to look to people’s behaviour as a representation of their intent.

There is Only This Moment

I often wished the future would arrive sooner to get me out of the present. When a situation was more than I could handle, I wished myself into the future. I wanted to escape the pain of the moment, no matter the experience. Here’s a simple experiment to appreciate how to live in the present moment. Spend a few hours with a child under four years of age and observe how you interact with them. Note your thoughts and emotions. Note the child’s behaviour. You’ll be surprised, how being around children is the quickest way to experience oneness with time and ourselves. There is no such thing as a future event or the past to a child, other than what is happening now.

What is the wisdom you wish to convey to your younger self?

Perhaps you’d rewrite your life’s path and be less concerned with a destination and enjoy the journey?

Wherever you are in your life, take stock of the lessons learned. You are continually writing your future from the present moment. Every thought, every emotion, and every action has the potential to shape how you will live in the years to come.

The beauty of life is that it’s never too late to wipe the slate clean and write a new chapter of your life.

Original article: https://www.tonyfahkry.com/8-powerful-lessons-i-learned-as-a-young-man/

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