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The Story Of The Third Man Factor

The point I am making with this post is that we are not alone, especially during your toughest times.

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“Then all at once I became aware of something new and strange, a consciousness of a ‘presence’, a feeling that I was not alone.” – Ernest Shackleton

I received a book recently from a friend called The Third Man Factor by John Geiger. The book is about what’s been called the third man factor which appears as a present to people who are in arduous or extreme conditions. These conditions might include ascending Mt Everest, trekking across The Antarctic, the wilderness, or a remote location where isolation is common.

I’m about one hundred pages into the book and loving it already. The appealing element lies in the possible causes of the third man factor. It’s been suggested that hallucinations, low blood sugar levels and deprivation of oxygen to the brain are some of the likely causes. The author, who has a medical background suspects there could be more to it than that, citing angel phenomena as another possible explanation – yet to be proven of course. Catholicism presents a different view of angels and I am not here to present an argument about its religious significance or otherwise.

We are not alone

The point I am making with this post is that we are not alone, especially during our toughest times. As I may have mentioned, my father passed away over sixteen years ago. I often dream about him from time to time. He might speak to me in my dream or gesture that all is well and my life is unfolding as it should. I awake comforted and reassured with an inner knowing I am being guided. The dreams appear to me when I am facing a situation where I need guidance or clarity on. The message comes to me in whatever way the universe deems fit to deliver it – you just have to ask in order to receive.

Some time ago when I was researching angels, a friend of mine who is a kinesiologist and into the whole angel thing prompted me to ask for their guidance. At first, her advice was a little farfetched. She was inviting me to conduct a conversation with my angels and spirit guides. I found this a little scary and weird at first and not entirely comfortable. I remain open to most things these days and suspend judgment until I have conducted my due diligence.

I decided to test her theory and one day asked allowed “who is my guardian angel?” “make yourself known to me.” I repeatedly heard the words ‘Lucifer’ in my mind and was a little taken aback thinking hang on, this can’t be my angel. Something’s wrong here. So I asked again and listened intently this time, in case I miss-heard the message. Again, the name Lucifer was recited. I logged onto Google (thank goodness for Google when you’re hearing angel voices!) and looked up Lucifer to find he (I’m using a gender bias here since it sounds more masculine, so bear with me on this one) was a fallen angel and that St Michael was the angel sent to rage a battle against Satan’s forces.

I thought what the heck am I doing? – looking up angels. Come on Tony, get with the program already. Anyway, over the weeks, strange things occurred reassuring me my angel was indeed St Michael, the protector. While I was walking down the street one day, it started to rain. As I was looking for shelter from the ensuing deluge, I accidentally bumped into an old man who was also seeking shelter. A number of cards fell out of his hands spilling onto the ground. I apologised and knelt down to pick up the cards. I noticed the cards had fallen face down except for one card. They were angel cards and the one that was facing up was, you guessed it – St Michael. The name of the angel was inscribed at the bottom of the card.

Whilst I am not inviting you to accept the idea of angels, I am however suggesting that there may be a force greater than you choose to believe. These forces are willing to help and guide you through life – only if you trust and ask for it.

I suggest you read the book The Third Man Factor and draw your own conclusion as to what you hold true about angels or spirit guides. Personally, I feel I am never alone. I am being guided and supported throughout my life’s journey. Whether I am dreaming of my late father or otherwise, I release positive energy and vibration into the universe and trust it will return back to me multiplied. I remain open and unattached to the outcome, knowing all is unfolding exactly as it should.

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