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A Peek Into My Personal Journal Entry

The power of journaling as a means of keeping track of your thoughts, moods, behaviours and emotions.

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“Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.” – Robin S. Sharma

I mentioned during a previous post the power of journaling as a means of keeping track of your thoughts, moods, behaviours and emotions. I have included a journal entry from last month.

I want to highlight a number of things that have worked for me; I would certainly encourage you to borrow some of these elements for your journal. I always start my entries with what I am grateful for. I feel this raises my energy and vibration even when I’ve had a bad day – especially when I’ve had a bad day.

I was taught by a spiritual teacher some years ago to write down what I have learned about myself today? At first, I found this rather difficult, though the more I wrote, the easier it became. Journalling and writing can be a very meaningful experience that brings up thoughts, feelings and ideas. With time and practice, you’ll notice writing the first thing which comes to mind, instead of agonising over the content.

The other element which I like to add to my journals is quoted. I mentioned the power of quotes in a previous post. I have come across quotes that have jumped off the screen/page, resonating so much with me. I write them down, making notes as to what they mean for me and why.

The process need not be as long as mine. It is merely an example to highlight what it may look like when you’re writing frequently. I once heard Dr. John Demartini from the movie The Secret, announce he has been keeping a journal for the last thirty years, rarely missing a day. So have fun with it and give it some time before you begin experiencing subtle changes and shifts.

I am grateful for:

My safe ride into & from work today

My chat with Daniela this morning

The awesome shake I had this afternoon

Training clients

Dinner tonight

How I am feeling at this very moment

My health and vitality

My family

My home

The laughter shared with work colleagues

Great day. Rode in to work this morning. Caught up with Daniela for a quick chat exchanging notes as we usually do. She highlighted a number of things that I have not been adhering to which I reckon warrant my attention:

Looking too much into the future.

Expecting too much of myself.

Not recognising the great aspects of where I have come so far.

Being aware of my thoughts through the words I choose.

Reality is always feeding back to me exactly what I am thinking.

My frustration at not being where I want to be.

The funny thing is that I know on an intellectual level all this theory, yet I am finding it a challenge to put it into practice. I don’t know why I have this need to be something and have material things. I know it is EGO telling me that I am not enough without these things. We also spoke at some length about John (I’d been having challenges with a friendship), which was good to hear her perspective.

I want to feel good. I want to feel appreciated for who I am and what I represent. I want to be in front of people using my talents and gifts. I don’t want to have regrets about my past and not seizing opportunities. I want to overcome my FEAR or success and failure. I seem to want all these things now for some reason, like I have arrived and not enjoying the journey. I wish to stop comparing myself to other people, looking at what they have and seeing the lack in my life.

Sometimes I don’t know how to do all these things and I get frustrated. I wish all my thoughts and actions be in alignment with my higher self. I wish for a still and peaceful mind with calming, peaceful thoughts. I wish that I may find joy and happiness in each day and start living more in the NOW and practice a sense of DETACHMENT as I have known all these things to be. I wish that in divine timing and order, I will find myself on stage in front of thousands of people talking to them about what I am passionate about and called to do. I wish that I may be granted all the gifts and resources, energy, spirit and enthusiasm to make it happen in this lifetime. I look for guidance and intuition to speak to me. To stop and really listen with my heart and not my head. To pay attention to that inner voice calling me to action.

Two very good quotes today from Deepak Chopra and Neale Donald Walsh which appealed to me today. I especially like the second one about embracing what shows up in one’s life and being grateful for it.

What did I learn about myself today?: I have learned that I need to slow down, relax, have fun, detach and start enjoying life more. Become more present and monitor my thoughts since my external world is constantly mirroring my internal world. Be grateful for where I am as this is a PERFECT time. Personal development can be a long and hard road at times. There are peaks and troughs and remaining stable and centered is the best possible outcome for long-term fulfillment.

@moneyjonze:how do you make your thoughts on being successful a reality? @DeepakChopra Success is a by product of passionate service

Neale Donald Walsch quote: The good news today is that your Perfect Outcome is on its way. Bless, now, what shows up, and embrace it with gratitude. This is the beginning of the rest of your life.

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