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Healing Meditation for Body and Soul

Meditation is an art that helps in all types of healing, but unfortunately, is overlooked by almost everyone.

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“Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.” – Voltaire

What is healing?

Healing means bringing your mind and body to a stable and healthy state. Healing is not a simple process. It consists of various ups and downs until the body or mind is completely healed. If you want your body to heal from an ailment, you go to a doctor and take medicines. But what about your mental health? What if you want to heal from a trauma or a negative experience? In such a case, you need meditation to heal and get back to your healthy self.

What is meditation?

Meditation is an art that helps in all types of healing, but unfortunately, is overlooked by almost everyone. It is very beneficial to the body, mind, and spirit, as it raises the energy levels of a person. It is believed that people with high energy rarely fall sick. Disease-causing microbes have a difficult time living in a body that vibrates on higher frequencies.

I agree that there are many people who don’t believe in such theories, but it is actually proved. Russian scientists have experimented and proved this hypothesis. They have found a method to purify water by using energy at high vibrations. They took contaminated water in a pyramid and applied high-frequency energy. By doing this, they destroyed all microbes in the water without adding any chemicals. The reason behind it was that the pyramid increased the vibrations and destroyed bacteria present in the water.

Though it is proven that meditation is good for healing, how many people actually meditate? While some people don’t believe in it, others are just too lazy and think it is time-consuming. They say that they cannot focus their minds on one thing, which is why they cannot meditate. This is actually a normal thing and it will take some time before they can start focusing.

If you are also facing the same problem, here are some tips that will let you focus on yourself during meditation rather than the internal chatter in your head.

Simple tips on meditation

Make sure you find a quiet area in your house. If you live with kids, let them know that you don’t want to be disturbed for just 10 minutes. This way you can make sure you can have a few minutes to yourself. 10 minutes is the minimum, it is best to do it for at least half an hour. Turn off your mobile phone and alarm clocks, or other electronic equipment for that interval. You need to be very relaxed, and loud noise can break your trance which is not good for your mind as well as body.

If you meditate during the evening, you should turn off the lights, and if you meditate during the day, you can pull down the shades. When it is dark, certain glands in your body are more active, which lets you relax and reach higher consciousness levels.

Sit on the ground with a mat and cross your legs. If you can’t sit on the ground, you can even sit on a chair. It is very important for your body to be comfortable. You will not be able to focus if all your muscles aren’t relaxed.

Inhale through your nose and hold it in. Make sure you take a deep breath. Now exhale it through your mouth. Repeat it a few times till your breathing becomes normal.

At this moment, your mind should start becoming clear. However, if you hear noises in your mind, you should continue with deep breathing. If your mind is running haywire, try to think about your existence, the universe, and how insignificant everything is.

Be peaceful, calm, and non-judgemental. When your mind is calm, you will find peace in your heart. This state will be similar to the state when you fall asleep. But you won’t be sleeping- you’ll be in a subconscious state.

And when you have finished meditating, wiggle your hands slowly to come back into form. When you think you are ready, slowly open your eyes and look around. Now turn the lights back on.

According to yoga, meditation is said to increase prana (life energy). It is the basis of well-being and health. Meditation increases prana, and when you have more prana, you feel more energetic, alert, and more positive. Lack of prana results in lethargy, carelessness, and negativity.

Nature is a healer in itself. It provides a cure for all ailments. All you need to do is to help nature help you. Meditate regularly and you’ll feel the difference in some days. But keep in mind that it takes some time for the effects to start showing. Meditate regularly for at least two months before you expect to see some noticeable difference.

Original article: https://www.tonyfahkry.com/healing-meditation-for-body-and-soul/

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