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How Mother Nature Influences Your Health

“The healing powers of nature are only limited by man’s idleness.” – Shawna

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“The healing powers of nature are only limited by man’s idleness.” – Shawna

A brief post today inviting you to become attuned with nature. I wish to outline a number of important details reinforcing the importance of being outdoors.

We are nature. Remember that when you feel consumed by life. You are connected to everything within this vast universe.

The earth’s electromagnetic field is essential to your survival on earth. Our cells are orientated to radiate an electrical charge which corresponds to that of the earth. Earth’s resonant frequency which is known as Schumann resonance is, 7 – 10 cycles per second, measured in Hertz. The average reading is 7.8 hertz. This reading also happens to correlate with that of humans and animals. Therefore, the earth’s frequency beats in phase with that of humans and animals, allowing harmonic resonance.

Tests have been conducted on humans by removing them from the 7 – 10 Hz range in specially shielded rooms. Researchers noted that the subject’s moods, day/night neurochemistry and EEG readings changed. Subsequently, the thyroid, pancreas and adrenal glands were all affected by the change in the electromagnetic frequencies. Human physiology also requires contact with the earth’s field in order to regulate itself.

Human DNA has a frequency of 54 – 78 GHz. Shamanic healers discovered the secret of healing by aligning themselves with the earth’s field. The stories and details are too numerous to mention. What we know at the scientific level is that we need to be in contact with the earth. Airplane and outer space travel remains one of the most demanding effects on the human body as it accelerates the aging process. 

It is important to take time to commune with nature regularly. A great anti-stress practice is to find time to be outdoors, whether it is among trees or near water. You’ll begin to feel energised and in tune with your natural state. Working in buildings, contained in a concrete jungle is not conducive to your long-term health. For that reason, many people choose to have beach or country homes where they escape each weekend.

As you become better at spending time outdoors, begin to meditate and exercise outdoors. One of my favourite exercises is riding my bike near the water along the ocean. I notice my mood and stress level rise when I haven’t been for a ride. It is precious time for me to reconnect with nature. So I make it a regular occurrence.

People suggest that sitting among trees and water is enough for them. I find exercising among nature reconnects me with my source – whether I’m running through a trail, swimming in the ocean or doing yoga outdoors. Find activities which resonate with your spirit and connect with them. They might involve group activities. When I started out as a personal trainer many years ago, outdoor training was very popular – it still remains so these days.

So next time you’re feeling tired, stressed, or both – get outside. Leave your PC & iPhone behind and immerse yourself in nature. Make it a regular practice when the weather allows it. Being a water sign (Scorpio), I am immediately drawn to the beach where I am grounded and balanced again. Find your place, the source of your treasure and visit it often, like you would a friend. You’ll find yourself energised and fulfilled with a renewed vitality.

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