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Life Coaching as Part of PSHE Education in Schools?

Freedom Coaching for Kids develops personal values, self-esteem, resilience, relationships, managing thoughts and much more.

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written by Francesca Dal Bello 08/11/2019

Could Life Coaching become a regular and integral part of UK schools’ curriculum to provide Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education?

I’m fairly new to the education system and with my new passion for coaching children and young people, I’m excitedly learning about the PSHE education initiative (

Coaching and PSHE Education

Studies reinforce the need to focus on students’ mental and emotional health and in the UK all schools are currently expected to provide PSHE Education in their curriculum, with key subjects (including Relationships and Sex, Health and Well-being) becoming compulsory from September 2020.

PSHE education gives pupils the knowledge, skills, and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe and to prepare them for life and work in modern Britain. – PSE Association

With Freedom Coaching for Kids offering to develop personal values, self-esteem, resilience, relationships, managing thoughts and emotions, goal setting and planning etc., this fun process could be the perfect addition to school programmes in order to implement key parts of the PSHE Education objectives.

Life coaching offers professional listening and a space for open conversation. Research shows that relieving anxiety and freeing yourself from bottled up emotions, can save you from getting into unhealthy habits to numb those feelings in other ways.

My Passion for Coaching and Kids

If you don’t know me already, my name is Francesca Dal Bello, I am the Founder of Gr8fool Limited and a fully-qualified Life Coach certified by the Association for Coaching.  My coaching aims to increase well-being, positivity and zest for life; and help people reconnect with their inner Freedom, by eliminating anything that stands in the way, to create more of it in their external lives.

I rediscovered my passion for interacting with children and young people in late 2017.  After leaving a successful 16?year corporate job as Head of Company Secretarial (Fellow member of the ICSA: The Governance Institute), I volunteered at a College in France, presenting personal life and adventure stories to a Y10/11?equivalent class (Read BLOG)…

Coaching for Kids - Gr8fool

…and on my last day in the office, I flew to Nepal to join a charity project helping to rebuild a school destroyed during the 2015 earthquakes.

Freedom Coaching for Kids - Gr8fool

Since then I’ve given face to face presentations to 10 more primary and secondary school classes and I run Freedom Coaching as a co-curricular club in a London secondary school.

Introducing Freedom Coaching for Kids

I’d like to share with you more details of the Freedom Coaching for Kids Programme I currently follow in my co-curricular club in London.


A life coaching introduction and practice for students to help them reach more inner freedom, develop self-esteem, set positive goals, manage thoughts and emotions and deal with challenges with optimism. Thus creating more well-being, boost health and happiness and reach fulfillment in life.

Aims and Objectives

Feeling good helps perform better, boost heath, improve relationships and increase creativity. The course is designed to enhance well-being applying also elements of positive psychology (increasing PERMA: Positive emotions, Engagement/Flow, Relationships, Meaning/Purpose, Achievement).

What can you expect from the course?

  1. An opportunity for students to experience something new, learn how to express themselves openly, engage with how they feel and the consequences of theirs actions.
  2. Students will progress with each class tailored to allow them to grow in how they think and act.
  3. Students will be encouraged to display an understanding of core values by the way they speak to one another and engage with the topics and issues discussed. They will push themselves by developing a growth mindset.

Class Format

The course comprises of (ideally) 5 to 6 classes, each including all or a combination of the following:

  1. Setting intentions for the class, opening up to spontaneous discussions.
  2. Presentation of class topic and related supporting research/studies.
  3. “Story-telling” (personal life stories) to create connection and for inspiration.
  4. Practical exercises to engage with the topic, with the rest of the class and use as take-away tools.

Topics and Content (variable with the flow of the class)

Here-below is a summary of the course content, delivered applying coaching practice for self-discovery and growth, supporting aims aligned with some of those highlighted in the national PSHE Education programme.

  1. INTRODUCTION – Life Coaching:

The course starts with an ice-breaker, introduction to life coaching practice and the subjective meaning of freedom. We learn about coaching synergy, powerful questions and different way of “listening”. Students will assess their current level of freedom and satisfaction in key areas of life (eg. wheel of life). During the course, we will keep tabs on changes and improvements.

  1. GOAL SETTING – Courage to Change:

The aim of this class is to encourage positive change and getting out of the comfort zone, where the growth takes place. Students will learn to set specific goals (SMART), the benefits of repeated practice and learn about empowering and limiting behaviours. We explore the topic of courage to change (“belief-results” system), the individual meaning of achievement/success and how to break-down a goal plan into manageable stepping stones.

  1. EMPOWERMENT – Unleash the Superhero:

This session helps discover the unique potential in each one of us and the important impact we have on our own lives, people and the environment. The aim is to boost self-confidence, by unleashing the superheroes and uncovering students’ qualities. We will identify strengths for growth as well as coping mechanisms to manage challenges, perceived “weaknesses” and self-sabotaging voices in the head.

  1. MINDSET – Power of Gratitude, Love and Kindness:

In this class we cover the positive effects of gratitude and connectedness (love and relationships).  We learn about appreciation and mindfulness (being more present) and two key energies that drive our daily actions: Love and Fear. We also discuss how to become more optimistic and shrink anxiety and worries, through increased thoughts awareness.

  1. FUN STUFF – Joy and Playfulness:

Happiness shared is happiness squared. There are things we have control over and for everything else we can control how we choose to react.  In this session we talk about choosing positive emotions and “Life as a rollercoaster”; how to embrace the ups and downs and hoops with playfulness! Take the ride of life with openness to experience, adopting more positive perspectives and welcoming uncertainties with curiosity.

  1. RESPONSIBILITY – Freedom of Choice:

The final class recaps the topics covered and reviews the wheel of life assessment.  We bring attention to the opportunities available in life and the freedom of choosing the story we want to create for ourselves. How to use visionary shields from negativity, and experience better results and achievement with excitement to continuously learn and self-discipline.

Let’s Connect!

To talk about how life coaching could be integrated into a PSHE Education programme, or discuss opportunities to run Freedom Coaching for Kids (or similar bespoke courses) at your school or privately:-

You can message me via website links: , Facebook Messenger or Instagram
Email me at: or
Call/Whatsapp this no.:  44 (0)7766 652 561

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