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Freedom Coaching Programmes in London - NOW Available!

Looking for new lightbulb moments? I’m really excited to be launching a new range of one-to-one Freedom Coaching Programmes!

Francesca Dal Bello

Life coach

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Looking for new lightbulb moments?  I’m really excited to be launching a new range of one-to-one Freedom Coaching Programmes in London, inspired by the London lifestyle yet suitable for all, and accessible to everyone who is passionate and determined to create the best life experience for themselves.

The basis of my freedom coaching programmes is to make the life coaching experience fun and enjoyable, while creating new long-lasting pathways and the desired change.

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Francesca Dal Bello

Life coach

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My mission is to positively impact as many lives as I can and guide people to their inner freedom and empower them to transform their mindset to enable positive changes in all areas of their lives.

Here's a selection of single or multiple-session programmes you can find on my page:-

Single session: CAN I KICK IT? (YES YOU CAN!)

An intense one-off session, designed to kick-off the process of positive transformation, boost your zest for life if you’re feeling a little ‘meh!’, and propel you forward towards your dream(s).

This is an ideal treat for taking that first important step to more freedom and fulfilment. You may or may not have identified what you want or need, or the exact area you feel stuck in. This session will give you that kick up the *ss you need to progress with clarity, actions and smiles.

Feel like the heart-eyed emoji and discover more positive perspectives to your current situation so you can move in a better direction and find new solutions.

This is also a fab opportunity to take time-out from your daily grind and refill with motivation and clearer strategy plans.

Single session: RENT-A-VENT

Jump on board and vent until your outburst turns into positive insights.

Research found that letting off steam could fuel more fire, but a healthy way to vent can help relieve anger and anxiety. If you don’t free yourself from bottled up emotions, they can lead you to explode one day or get into unhealthy habits to numb those feelings in other ways.

All feelings create energy, and Rent-a-Vent is a fun solution to set yourself free from negative vibes and generate the good energy that can instead reveal hidden gifts and help you learn more about yourself.

A healthy expression of all that is troubling you to release the weight of your stresses and feel happy and free again, to focus on all the other important things in your life.

A great gift for all those lovely people who love venting and often use you as a punch bag!

Three-session programme: FROM “WHY ME?” TO “YES ME!”

Change one Word and your World will change too, as personally tried-and-tested!

This programme offers three powerful sessions that will improve the way you show up in your life. You must feel adventurous enough to step out of your comfort and crash old barriers that create that feeling of not deserving (why me?), and instead step into your power and say YES to “I am worthy and I can have it”.

It is ideal if you feel stuck in some area(s) that stop you from living the life you deserve. Or you may have lost enthusiasm and need help finding a new, exciting direction.

Through this programme you will identify any blocking language, learn to kick limiting behaviours, and replace all of these with new happy habits that will help you reveal the super-hero within you. The one that with a simple “Yes me!”-attitude will attract all that you set your mind to.

Six-session programme: FLY TO FREEDOM

If you knew you could fly, would you still just dream of it, or would you dare to take off?

Fly to freedom is a six-session programme that will take you through six elements that I believe are key to reaching your own, unique sense of freedom: 1. Courage to Change, 2. Unleashing your Beauty, 3. Power of Love, 4. Joy for Life, 5. Curiosity to Explore, and 6. Choice if Yours.

This programme will have you define what living free and successfully means to you, create your route maps to achievement, increase self-love and self-confidence, enhance your zest for living the best life and feel empowered to lead your way.

Watch your experience of life transform as you release all the heavy limiting blocks and fly away, fuelled by energy of joy, gratitude, positivity and love. Learn how to live for what really matters to you, and increase your overall wellbeing and boost confidence to make anything possible.

Weekly accountability calls: YOU GOT THIS!

Let’s keep tabs of your progress with weekly accountability chats (verbal or written, as preferred) to catch up on the To-do’s and celebrate the Done’s.

This is ideal if you have completed a programme with a winning action plan and need a holding-hand to get through it and a ‘fun but firm freedom coach’ to keep your momentum going.

I know you’re dying to try these out, at least half as much as I am to get you on board.

To talk through the new Freedom Coaching Programmes I’ve launched in London and find out if we have the magic connection to create the perfect dream team, I offer free introductory discovery calls. You can book these directly from the Freedom Coaching Programmes page

Grab an opportunity to chat about your needs and ask any questions about my freedom coaching style of work.

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