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Social Distancing When Attracting Love

An inner gain if you are single, to change your script of how you dated in the past & to reboot into soulmate love!

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Social Distancing When Attracting Love! 

When your single social distancing can be both a fearful time as well as a lonely time as in-person dating is on pause. It can also be tough in not being able to share your thoughts and feeling to navigate you through this sensitive time. This also can effect budding relationships and long distance relationships when negativity is rife. 

As we are in uncertain times none of us know how long social distancing will remain in place, so it's easy to feel a little panicked about spending a lot more time alone. We know that the cronovirus can be passed between people coughing so it has become important to cover your mouth and wipe down surfaces that might come into contact with saliva. When it comes to being intimate like kissing, there’s no avoiding spit, which means if you’re making out with an infected person, you’re are actually putting yourself at risk.

Having spoken to a number of married couples some of them are actually having a tough time with their partners and it’s also causing unrelated arguments. I put it down to they did not marry their soulmate so the cracks in the relationship are surfacing to be addressed.  A healthy relationship should be working as a team and comforting one another to expand in love. 

Therefore, so for singletons this is a great time to reflect on your future love life by learning about what you want and whether a person personal hygiene resonates with you to meet your own expectations. The following are things you can do, observe or think about?

  1. It is unnerving to be so close to someone who might’ve bumped into COVID-19 in the outside world. Considering it takes at least 5 days for the virus’s symptoms to show up, it’s tough to know if your spooning partner is infected & putting each one at risk. Therefore, make a list of why you are lucky being single during this time, what a persons personal hygiene is like and what you want in a difficult time. If you are in the early stages of a relationship does this person meet with your standards and supportive to build a future life with?
  2. In the world of dating just because you’re avoiding leaving the home use this time to test out the relationship by connecting in sending sms, FaceTime, emails or speaking on the phone. You can learn a lot about a person or if you have no one on the radar you can start imagining getting to know a possible partner. In some ways this is allowing you to delve deeper into what you want in love.
  3. If your on-line dating you may be getting a lot more responses.  The good thing is you will possibly seeing changes in the way matches are communicating and being more open. Dating apps are making adjustments to the new reality as “swipe night” will be going out the window. This is posing a new economy in dating as people start to upgrade. Eventually when the all clear happens and you start dating to actually meet the person you would have built a deeper commitment or if they are playing games in not wanting to meet you, will know whether it’s ditch or date. Discernment of the highest order will take effect of attachment communication rather than meeting. You have to date face to face if you want to build a relationship & be with your soulmate.
  4. Netflix and chill” might be something you want to do on your own so there is a lot of romcoms or hallmark movies to get you in a mood of love. By using these movies you can take time out to refine the elements you want in your love life and distance yourself from desperate dating, as this results in the wrong partnering  in the long run.
  5. Investing in a coach you can use this down time to do the inner work to explore your love life  instead of wasting money on going on awful dates.  Working with a love coach you can use this extra time at home to blast away blocks that have kept love away or move you into the realm of finding your perfect fit. As a love coach my experience means other areas can be worked on like money, career & lifestyle. 
  6. Avoid desperate dating by going back to Ex like a virus, for they are an ex for a reason!!

This time is actually an inner gain if you are single, by changing your script of how you used to date in the past, you can reboot your dating life into maniffesting soulmate love. 

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